December 27, 2007


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Christmas time! I always get months of depression before it comes! I never understood why yet! Well wanted to thank the people that send me emails, and posted me wishing me well, and to feel better soon! Thank you!


Now Christmas time reminds me of good things! 🙂 About good times, loved ones, family and this beautiful world that we are destroying!


Now I remembered this year a story an old man told me in Finland once! I went with my ex-stepfather (the best father in the world for me)… to a Red Cross old peoples meeting… I mean really old, all over 75-80! So one man through the old crowd tells this story he remembers from the war time (with Germany)! He said he still remembers the Christmas Eve when there were lines of both armies ready to fight! And for a strange reason no one started! They found them selves, singing Christmas carols from both sides! They couldn’t betray the holy night of peace!


It made me think of a friend Fast Lane… now why is it that some people still don’t respect this peace? Why do they fight if some one says merry Christmas and is not a Christian! Why? Why do we fight?  


My daughter asked me if Muslims believe in god, and Christians believe in god, and many other religions believe in god, why is it that we fight? Why? And I still wonder why do I get depressed!



  1. thats because some people have asses for a brain
    the first thing religion teaches you is RESPECT
    respect others and respect yourself

    Comment by eshda3wa — December 28, 2007 @ 6:17 am |Reply

  2. I know what you mean dear! Why do you think I’m happy out of Kuwait, even though I love and miss Kuwait!? 😉

    Comment by noracassandra — December 29, 2007 @ 1:16 pm |Reply

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