October 28, 2007

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I know I haven’t been reading, commenting nor posting for a while now!

I’ve been busy and then some neighbors poisoned my dog (Finn) and he passed a way! 😦

I was so angry then so sad. I don’t remember feeling this way ever before! Last night Stelios told me we should go to the Rock Garden because it was their final day for the season! Rock garden is a dance bar that plays rock music only, in Agia Napa. We go there every year few times as work doesn’t allow us to out that often. So I wasn’t in the mood of party, I wore very boring cloths that actually cover almost all my body (if you know me you’ll know I love cloths that cover 10-20% only of my body)! I drank! I drank a lot! I had 4 tequila shots, 2 WKD (blue), 1 Carlsberg and 1 Rock Garden hot poison (which knocks you out with no time)! All that was drunk in less that 2 hours time, on a close to empty stomach! 😛

YEP Drunk I was!!! But I did end up enjoying the night! It was real fun till we were ½ way home I asked Stelios to stop the car and I started to throw up! I was throwing up all the way home then when we got home I passed out on the toilet floor! Stelios tried to take me to bed but I told him I wanted to stay there! 😛 So I slept in the toilet for about 1 hour then got up and went to bed! It was horrible! 😛

But today as I was suffering from last night, I did realize I did have fun! I needed to get drunk and let myself go and have some change to my system as all the sadness been holding on to me the last week!


October 27, 2007


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I miss Finn! 😦

October 21, 2007


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Amazing race! I sat down at 6:30 pm (18:30) to watch the final race of F1 this season. As soon as it was almost starting weld al-ma6aba calls to have short chat hoping for our favorite driver to win even as he said it’s been said he has 0% chance.

As soon as the lights went off and the cars started on the track Massa blocks Hamilton and gives second place to Kimi. Now it’s the 16th lap and Hamilton is fighting to get back and he does pass Nakajika on the 18th lap.

Massa keeps breaking his own fastest laps all over and over again! He really gives his country a show they deserve!

At the 20th lap Massa pits and Räikkönen records a fattest lap and takes first position just to get in and pits.

Alonso gets to pit on the 22nd, and Hamilton right after. Hamilton comes out with fuel just for 15 laps, and with supper soft tyres! It looked like they are trying to keep him light and fast and get him back soon to the pit!

On the lap 32 Nakajima pits getting a drama action in the pit. Knocking down 2 of the mechanics but both get up looking well and not injured.

Kubica passes Alonso at the 34th lap taking 3P while Hamilton passes Vettel for 10P.

Sadly my other Finnish driver Heikki Kovalainen crashed his Renault at the turn three in lap 38 and was out in the final race of the season! 😦

The 50th lap Massa pits and Räikkönen leads. He pits right after at the 53rd lap but comes out in front of Massa to keep the lead while less than 20 laps left. I was hoping things stay exactly the same Kimi first Massa second Alonso 4th and Hamilton 8th! If it did Kimi will walk with the champion.

On lap 61st as the half Finn Rosberg tries to dive pass Heidfeld but as a result Kubica makes a pass leaving both of them behind taking 4th place.

On the 64th Trulli pits from P7 giving it to Hamilton. Even with the P7 Räikkönen has still the chance for the champion.

I do have to say that the race was amazing! All drivers gave a good show and tense moments! Just what person wants from the last race of the season!

As for if the race was staged or not, I do have a part of me that believes it was! As the legal probs McLaren has been facing it would have been for their best interest to give the champion to Ferrari! Do I really care? No! I am happy that my ice man is the champion for the first time!!! 😀Yes!!! Kimi Räikkönen is the 2007th F1 champion!!!! 😀

October 9, 2007


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I went today to Dr. Philippos Phlippou! He is a plastic surgeon! I asked about fixing my breasts and my tummy!

After having my daughter in 1999, my breast grow 2,5 sizes then after 2-5 years I lost 1,5 size from that leaving so much empty skin! As the doctor explained, if we take the skin off; then we will have a big scar under my breast in the shape of ┴, but if we fill up the empty skin which in that case will add back the 1,5 I lost from them then I’ll be having a really small scar that will be unnoticeable in less than a year! As I like sunbathing topless and I did topless modeling for body paint then the thought of a smaller scar is better! The problem is; I don’t like big breasts! As the doctor filled my bra with the size of the breast I’ll have (take a bit or add a bit), I did notice it was so big!

About the tummy tuck well I don’t have real fat but all loose skin again! I already have a scar from the cesarean that had having my daughter! He said it’ll be lower but it’ll be bit wider, but it’s so low that it’ll be covered, (unless I decide to walk naked)! 😛

Both operations together will cost me £3000 = €5125, which I think is not bad at all! That includes the 2nights and everything else but the blood tests that come before the operation is done!

So I think I’ll have my brain occupied for a while with the new look that I might decide to get!

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