September 1, 2007


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Yesterday I was too mad but now that a day has passed I have cooled down so I can write from logic not heart!

As getting Hamza’s and eshda3wa’s comments I was already feeling bit guilty for writing when angry!

I know there are many different cultures, people, and religions in this world! I know when I still lived with my Kuwaiti family in Kuwait I was looked at as the black, wrong even the Slut of the family! Ok I didn’t care that time, but as I’m older I do feel bad for few things I did in there! I do feel bad for hurting my uncle, grandmother, cousins, sisters, brothers, etc… I don’t regret having fun! I don’t feel sorry for having a motorbike accident! I don’t feel any kind of guilt for having sex! But I feel bad for allowing myself to hurt some people that cared about me by destroying their family name, trashing a cousin’s car, using some of them because simply they loved me!

I do understand that Louis has the right of having his own believes and opinion! But it bothered me when he used the word slut! I couldn’t care less if he just said what he thought with out calling some one he doesn’t truly know such a horrible name! Yes he doesn’t have to agree with what she writes, or does! But if he really tried looking at it; she doesn’t show her face or tell real names in her posts, she just simply writes what she feels like saying! So in other words she is not hurting any one!

I have a story that I remembered because of my anger for a stranger because calling another stranger a name (that sounds so stupid now)! I don’t know either, and I might never know them. But this is the story that reminded me of why I think and act so defensively when it comes to women;

It was sometime close to Christmas. Some years back. My mum was still living in Levi in the Finnish Lapland (Lapland is north of Finland, Sweden and Norway). I was talking to her while she was working in the kitchen. She asked about an exfriend of mine. As I was mad at the exfriend I said: Oh that whore bla…bla…bla… My mum suddenly snapped at me (she rarely rises her voice)! 

My mum: Whore? Why do you call her that?

Me: Well! Because she did such and such…

So my mum answers back in a very amazing way… 

My mum: So what is wrong in being a prostitute (not talking about my exfriend anymore)?

Me: Well I don’t think it right!

My mum: Why?

Me: sleeping with men for money is just not right!

My mum: Why not? Now a house wife sleeps with her husband take care of the house and children by the end of the day he is paying her, like it or not, if not cash buying her food clothes and such!

Me: But it’s his wife and she is working hard for it!

My mum: So a single woman can’t do that for a living?

Me: If she is with one man and dose that work for just him maybe!

My mum: I personally can’t sleep with different men and men that I don’t like, but if I could, would be wrong for me to go out and find few guys and just get some good sex?

Me: No it won’t because you’re single and have the right to sleep with whom ever you please!

My mum: So what you are saying then it the old, ugly, fat, disabled or just simply men who don’t know how to get women are not allowed that?

Me: I didn’t say that! And what does that has to do with anything?

My mum: A whore is a woman how could have sex with different men, that usually she doesn’t know, and could be ugly, fat, old or what so ever! She gives this man pleasure! He leaves happy! He pays for the service and happiness he got. And the woman got paid for her hard work, for being able to sleep with that man, and for making some one happy! So is that so bad?

Me: No it’s not! 😦

My mum: And how long do you think many of these men could go without sex and without raping some one to get the sex they need?


My mum: So this name you used to insult a girl actually even saves a lot of girls, sisters, daughters, wives, and many other women in this world! 🙂

She gave me hug and told me how much se loved me and how happy she is that I’m her daughter! I just love the way my mum makes life look beautiful! 😀 



  1. Glad to see that u have cooled down

    i thought it was sweet of u to get so worked up over a person u dont know. bel3ax u should stand up for what you believe and tell someone when u think they are wrong, i just didnt want to see u angry 🙂

    and believe me u can achieve alot more by smiling than by being angry … laugh ur troubles away

    and although i do not agree with ur mom, she definitly has a way of turning things around!

    take care

    Comment by eshda3wa — September 2, 2007 @ 1:30 am |Reply

  2. lol nice story 🙂 ur mom shud be a deffense attorney 😛 glad u calmed down, u shudnt get worked up by comments, i get such comments but i ignore, no need to get worked up 🙂

    btw, i can related to u in some fields, i crashed my bro Audi a4 in 97 when it was first released 🙂 i still feel guilty, and i didnt even have a license at the time 😛

    Comment by Fonzy — September 2, 2007 @ 4:57 am |Reply

  3. wow. your mom has a unique prespective. I like the idea that she sees each wife as a whore for her husband. looool.

    I am not a big supporter of prostitution and whores but if I ever decide on having sex for pleasure, then I’d better get a “geisha”. After seeing the movie, “memoirs of a geisha”, I really love the way that its a classy profession, the training and the high-quality service they provide.

    Its not the same as picking a dirty whore off the street that might have AIDS or any other diseases.

    Comment by Hamza — September 2, 2007 @ 5:09 am |Reply

  4. thats a really complicated issue, hehe, with a wife technically keeping her husband happy and getting a roof over her head. So hmm… Is it ok with a single woman? lol. that just opens up so many questions

    Comment by — September 2, 2007 @ 9:44 am |Reply

  5. ESHDA3WA; if you ever get to really know me, you’ll see me stressed and angry 5-6days every week! I have no idea how Stelios takes it! 😀 And about my mum’s theory; she won’t be doing it for a living because simply she can’t sleep with different or unattractive men (just like me) but she did make sure I had to respect even those girls that do it! They are not bad people! I never thought they were anyway! 😉

    FONZY; my mum should have been a lot of things and one I thought she would have made great president! 😉 And about crashing the car; now that I didn’t do! I took a rock and broke her BMW’s windows, lights and scratched it all over! I was expressing my anger a bit different those days! I’m glad now I just put it on the blog instead of thinking how to find the person and get him/her pay for getting me pissed off! 😉

    HAMZA; not all whores are dirty and full of diseases! I know for a fact most real whores use protection every single way! They even have finger condoms with them! They smell good as they might wash and shower more than regular woman would in some cases!

    AMMARO; defiantly it is complicated and the questions never stop! 😉

    Comment by noracassandra — September 6, 2007 @ 12:51 pm |Reply

  6. i like your inspirations, that is what makes a woman.
    if the world was you then i think many things not happen the way they do.

    Comment by bernard — April 28, 2008 @ 6:12 pm |Reply

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