September 27, 2007


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In support of our incredibly brave friends in Burma; May all people around the world wear a red shirt on Friday September 28….. Please forward this message!!!


September 21, 2007


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I AM 29 YEARS OLD TODAY!!!!!!!! 😀

September 18, 2007


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8 years passed! They passed so fast that I forgot to count! She is 8! I forgot how she looked like as a baby! I forgot a lot of what we went through together!

She was born in Kuwait… bad pregnancy, bad delivery and a very ill child! She never stopped crying! I never stopped thinking how I didn’t want to keep her at the first place! I kept asking why did I get this?! Isn’t what I have been through in the last 15 years enough suffering?

Well now looking back at that; I do think different! She is a great kid! Good girl! Nice, sweet and annoying sometimes! She was my way out of Kuwait! She is the main reason I never went through drugs and the season what kept out of trouble! She kept safer than I kept her safe! She helped me to grow up and be strong, and now I’m helping her!

Iida is 8 years today! Actually it was this early morning! I have to say I am lucky that I have had her! I am lucky I was never able to get rid of her! I am lucky that she forgives her short tempered, crazy mother and keeps saying; I love you mum!

September 14, 2007


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Click here…. To understand! Kimi Räikkönen and Felipe Massa racing this year for Ferrari. Kimi with 74 points as Massa with 69 at the moment! On the other hand we have Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso that are racing for McLaren-Mercedes with 92 points and 89 points! How did it happen for them to beat Ferrari this year? How did Ferrari stand there watching with out knowing what was going wrong???!!!!

Sad! 😦 I know many will say this is life and every one will cheat these days even in sports! Where did the sport spirit go? Where is the decency of clean competition? 😦 So sad!

I do hope still hope Kimi would win the championship and I wish Massa would be second! I do think Alonso and Hamilton should have been banded for the rest of the races this season! And McLaren for this and next season! But what can I say? Life is just UNFAIR!!!

September 7, 2007


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2 hours to practice 1!!! Ice Man is racing in the home of Ferrari first time… He will try as usual his best (that I know), but I do hope to see him winning this one! Kimi now with 68!

Q: Kimi, obviously you are going to be racing in front of a Ferrari home crowd for the first time; what are you feelings about that?
I think it is a bit more hectic this weekend because it is a home Grand Prix for the team but I don’t think the racing side of things changes at all because we always try to do the best that we can and that’s why we come here.
Q: Now you have set the fastest time in qualifying for the last time two years though you didn’t necessarily start from pole and that must make you quite confident for this weekend?
Yes, I like this circuit, but it’s difficult to get the car right as you run on a low down-force and it is quite bumpy and you need to be able to drive over the kerbs… It is difficult to say where we are going to be, but hopefully we are going to be in a grid position to fight for a win.
Q: Felipe believes that you, Ferrrai, are better than they appeared to be in testing last week?
I don’t know, really, because from testing it is always difficult to say – you can only guess what fuel the other teams have, but you only really know yourselves what you are doing. I was not 100 per cent happy with the car, but we found some reasons and hopefully we will have a better set up and we’ll see where we are. I think we should be ok – probably not our strongest race, but it should still be pretty good.


Q: (Dan Knutson – National Speed Sport News) Kimi, from your perspective, how much influence and benefit has Michael Schumacher been to the team?
It is difficult to say for sure, really, he has a lot of experience with the team and in Formula One, also, but I don’t know actually how much he has done, because I don’t really ask them who is doing what and who is responsible on which days… You have to ask from the team…
Q: (James Allen – ITV) Kimi, I am curious to know – there have been a few times this year, and it happened again in Turkey, you have made a mistake in qualifying at a critical moment and as you said the next day, it has gone on to cost you… What has happened in those situations?
I just got it wrong, that’s all. The tyres are a bit tricky when you really push as we were able to last year when they were good for more than one lap. I think they are more difficult now and if you push too much you can lose it. We are still looking to find the ideal set-up for qualifying, but for the race we usually have a very good car. Unfortunately, qualifying is very important this year, so if you don’t get it right it is very difficult to improve your position in the race. I think we have been looking into it and tried to change it a bit the way we do the qualifying and hopefully we can improve.
Q: (Ian Parkes – The Press Association) Kimi, what are your feelings regarding the fresh evidence that has surfaced from the FIA with regard to the ‘spy case’ that is going to be heard next week?
I don’t know anything about that story. The feeling in the team is good and of course we would rather be in first place in both world championships, but there is a good atmosphere and it is a great team to work with. I don’t think it affects our racing side at all but of course it is not nice to be asked all the time about it and it in the news all the time, but that is part of racing. In the team, we have a good atmosphere and feeling.

September 1, 2007


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Yesterday I was too mad but now that a day has passed I have cooled down so I can write from logic not heart!

As getting Hamza’s and eshda3wa’s comments I was already feeling bit guilty for writing when angry!

I know there are many different cultures, people, and religions in this world! I know when I still lived with my Kuwaiti family in Kuwait I was looked at as the black, wrong even the Slut of the family! Ok I didn’t care that time, but as I’m older I do feel bad for few things I did in there! I do feel bad for hurting my uncle, grandmother, cousins, sisters, brothers, etc… I don’t regret having fun! I don’t feel sorry for having a motorbike accident! I don’t feel any kind of guilt for having sex! But I feel bad for allowing myself to hurt some people that cared about me by destroying their family name, trashing a cousin’s car, using some of them because simply they loved me!

I do understand that Louis has the right of having his own believes and opinion! But it bothered me when he used the word slut! I couldn’t care less if he just said what he thought with out calling some one he doesn’t truly know such a horrible name! Yes he doesn’t have to agree with what she writes, or does! But if he really tried looking at it; she doesn’t show her face or tell real names in her posts, she just simply writes what she feels like saying! So in other words she is not hurting any one!

I have a story that I remembered because of my anger for a stranger because calling another stranger a name (that sounds so stupid now)! I don’t know either, and I might never know them. But this is the story that reminded me of why I think and act so defensively when it comes to women;

It was sometime close to Christmas. Some years back. My mum was still living in Levi in the Finnish Lapland (Lapland is north of Finland, Sweden and Norway). I was talking to her while she was working in the kitchen. She asked about an exfriend of mine. As I was mad at the exfriend I said: Oh that whore bla…bla…bla… My mum suddenly snapped at me (she rarely rises her voice)! 

My mum: Whore? Why do you call her that?

Me: Well! Because she did such and such…

So my mum answers back in a very amazing way… 

My mum: So what is wrong in being a prostitute (not talking about my exfriend anymore)?

Me: Well I don’t think it right!

My mum: Why?

Me: sleeping with men for money is just not right!

My mum: Why not? Now a house wife sleeps with her husband take care of the house and children by the end of the day he is paying her, like it or not, if not cash buying her food clothes and such!

Me: But it’s his wife and she is working hard for it!

My mum: So a single woman can’t do that for a living?

Me: If she is with one man and dose that work for just him maybe!

My mum: I personally can’t sleep with different men and men that I don’t like, but if I could, would be wrong for me to go out and find few guys and just get some good sex?

Me: No it won’t because you’re single and have the right to sleep with whom ever you please!

My mum: So what you are saying then it the old, ugly, fat, disabled or just simply men who don’t know how to get women are not allowed that?

Me: I didn’t say that! And what does that has to do with anything?

My mum: A whore is a woman how could have sex with different men, that usually she doesn’t know, and could be ugly, fat, old or what so ever! She gives this man pleasure! He leaves happy! He pays for the service and happiness he got. And the woman got paid for her hard work, for being able to sleep with that man, and for making some one happy! So is that so bad?

Me: No it’s not! 😦

My mum: And how long do you think many of these men could go without sex and without raping some one to get the sex they need?


My mum: So this name you used to insult a girl actually even saves a lot of girls, sisters, daughters, wives, and many other women in this world! 🙂

She gave me hug and told me how much se loved me and how happy she is that I’m her daughter! I just love the way my mum makes life look beautiful! 😀 

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