August 15, 2007


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So I think it’s time for me to tell you what happened to me on Thursday 2nd of August…

I was on my way back from an appointment with my therapist in Larnaca and I was driving on the highway at about 120km/h when a guy in a red Toyota MR2 ‘or MR-S as some call it’ see me and tries to race me!!!! As usual me I can refuse a challenge… I took him over and then slowed down for a curve that sometimes has police after it… So the guy takes me over ‘or that what I thought’… He keeps with my speed right next to my car so I look at him! He points to me to stop on the safe lane! I showed him my ring ‘meaning I’m married and not interested’… Would that stop him?? No he keeps harassing me and tries to force me to stop! But me I never did and never would… But as my sweet bad luck there has been a truck on fire on the high way and all traffic stopped and big flames from far a way reaching the sky! And smart Nora what she does??? Of course she has to stop and not just that get out of the car to take some pictures! Yes the guy was still in front of me! He gets out of his car and just comes and sits in my car! Yes just got in my car! I asked him to get out but he didn’t and as I didn’t know him and didn’t know what he might do I kept calm and just played along! So this is what happened:

He; You’re a good driver!

Me; Thank you! So are you!

He; Can I have your number?

Me; No! I’m a married woman!

He; So what? He doesn’t need to know!

Me; But I tell my husband everything! So he will know!

He; Will you tell him about me?

Me; Of course I will!

He; No you won’t!

Me; Ok I won’t!

He; So give me your number!

Me; NO!

He grabs my phone from my hands and tries to unlock it with no luck! I thought he’ll give up and leave! But no he takes the cover of my phone and tells me if I don’t give him my number he won’t give it back! Instead of just telling him to keep it I freaked out and gave him my number… He gives back my phone cover and tells me again not to tell my husband and I told that I won’t tell him… BUT before he leaves, he points to my thigh and says; That’s not nice!! Meaning the cellulite in my thigh!! I just answered back; Well I’m a woman and I have some fat on me! So what? He smiled and then he left! ‘F**king S**t! The a** want to sleep with me and calls me FAT???’

I was so relived and drove to my Tony’s Taverna and the first thing I did is told Stelios exactly what and how it happened! From the beginning of the race till the end of the thigh pointing!!! I was so pissed off! I was laughing as well! It was funny and sad some how! And while I was talking to Stelios the guy calls and I give the phone to Stelios and tell him to answer! He goes like????? What am I suppose to say? I told him just say hi! 😛 He answered in such a formal way and the guy hangs up straight a way! “Such a chicken!’ 😛

2days later he calls and I’m at work… I answer…

Me; Hello!

He; Is this Nora?

Me; Oh yes! How are you?

He; I’m ok! Where are you?

Me; I’m at work!

He; Why did you tell your husband?

Me; I told you I tell him everything!

He; What did he say?

Me; Not much! He trusts me and knows I could handle myself!

He; I want to see you!

Me; I’m a happily married woman! So the answer is no!

He; So what? I really want to see you!

Me; You want to come and have a coffee with me and my husband?

He; No, I just want to see you!

Cheryl walks in and talks to me…

He; Ok I’ll leave you for your work, but I’ll call you later! Ok?

Me; You can call when ever you want it doesn’t matter for me!

He; You’re not going to tell your husband I called?

Me; Of course I will!

He; Please don’t!

Me; You know I will tell him!

He; Ok bye!!

Me; Bye!

And yes I did tell my husband later on that day! He did try to call few more times but I just keep rejecting his calls and it seems he got my message!

Ps; Men do not tell or show a woman in any way that you think they have a bit of extra kilos on their body if you want to get to their pants!!! If I was single and a man that I did like points at my cellulite and says that’s not nice… He would have had to forget ever getting anything from me!!!



  1. Whatta story…huh. Men are so…so…everything.
    Greetings from my mum and everybody.

    Comment by Emmi — August 15, 2007 @ 8:14 pm

  2. EMMI; I know! He was a Cypriot and his name was Panayotis!! Any way darling say hi back! I miss you a million and wish you were coming with me to Athens!!

    Comment by noracassandra — August 15, 2007 @ 8:30 pm

  3. That was some funny reading :D.

    Personally I have something against men (AND women) who can’t respect a married couple, grr, :-).


    Comment by perplexityshe — August 15, 2007 @ 8:42 pm

  4. wow!
    what a story!
    he’s such a jerk.

    Comment by LinG-BlinG — August 17, 2007 @ 5:37 pm

  5. lol.

    You are so cool. inno you even gave him your number and talked to him.

    Oh well, maybe he was inspired by the movie “unfaithful”.

    oh boy, I should come to cyprus one day and ride with you while you race. 😉

    Comment by Hamza — August 18, 2007 @ 5:34 am

  6. What a jerk!! Men!! I literally hate men who can’t understand the meaning of the word “no” and “happily married”. Even there are some women like that, too.

    Comment by sene — August 20, 2007 @ 6:27 am

  7. LOLA; 100% with you girl!
    LING-BLING; He is! 😛
    HAMZA; He is such a stupid piece of s**t! He still is trying to call every now and then! I wish he was anything like Olivier Martinez!! He is so ugly as well!
    SENE; Same thing here dear! I think I made it clear 10 times by now and still nothing goes in his empty head!

    Comment by noracassandra — August 29, 2007 @ 6:50 pm

  8. […] and when I told him about the crazy man who climbed in my car he just laughed and said (what can we do? I just know you can’t not […]

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