August 7, 2007


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I had my reflexology last week! It was nice till one hour later… I got this horrible headache for the rest of the day… And as you’re not allowed any toxics as caffeine, medicine, sugar…etc… I had to live with the head ache till next morning! Then I had 2 painkillers and I felt perfect…

So Cheryl (my boss) when she did the reflexology for me she found out…

1. I have a very bad neck problem.

2. I have a problem with my kidneys because the lack of water due to little drinking I do…

3. I have back problem in the middle of my back…

4. I have a liver problem (no not from drinking) from the anger I have stored in it for many… many years.

5. I have a problem in my right ear.

6. Oh yes I also have a problem in some nerve in the end of my spine on the left side that if it’s not taken care of I would be getting problems on my left side of my body!

It’s not so fun to find out that I have a body that is so messed up! 😛

Well at least my boss will keep doing the reflexology for me to get my system fixed and she’ll be doing for me the Hopi Ear Candles this week to try to help the ear problem I have!! 😀

Don’t I have the best boss ever?? 😛

Oh yes she paid me 2 weeks earlier so I would have money for my holidays in Athens which is next week! 😀


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