August 2, 2007


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So yesterday I didn’t get my Reflexology done, I’m getting it today! But this is not the big event of yesterday’s news!

I worked from 10am-1pm then went to the beach… Stelios dropped Iida at my mother-in-law’s and brought lunch and came to the beach… It was so hot so we just ate and left even though I was planning to stay for another 1 hour… So we went to one of our favorite cafes and something to cool us down… After that at 3:45pm I headed to work which is 2 minute walk from the café but I wanted my to ride on our bike so we took a longer way! 😛 Now all this is not the big even either!

When I got to work and was washing my hair Stelios calls me from his work place… I thought he fell or crashed the bike from his voice!

Stelios: Could you close your work place for 5 minutes?

Me: Why?? What happened?

He: I found Iida here!

Me: Iida? But Iida is at my mother-in-law!

He: Could you just pick her up because she has left her helmet at Helena’s (my mother-in-law) and I can’t give her a ride with bike!

Me: But how did she get there?

He: She walked!

Me: WALKED!!?? All by herself over 3km??? Why did she even leave??

He: Helena wasn’t home and the doors were locked and the neighbors were away and she just felt thirsty so she walked until here to drink!

My hair was dripping so asked him if I could just finish washing my hair the go and he said that was ok…

Now my 7 years old daughter (8 in September) walks over 3 km all by herself it got my mixed feelings! I was having thoughts what if something has happened and such black thoughts! On the other hand I was feeling so proud of her for doing such a brave thing! I was with her for the rest of the evening just being sure she drank enough after that long day of hers! And I took her to McDonald’s for dinner so she could get over the day! At home sent her for shower then massaged her with mixture of relaxing oils that Cheryl has giving me to help with my sleeping problems to relax her body and then sent her to her bed! She is still sleeping and that makes it 10 hours right now! I’m glad she is getting her rest after that big event!



  1. where was ur mother in law?!!

    im glad ur girl is ok

    but she should be alot more careful!

    Comment by eshda3wa — August 2, 2007 @ 5:37 pm |Reply

  2. ESHDA3WA; She was on the beach! She didn’t remember that Iida was going there as she was grounded for 2 days and didn’t go there! She’s careful but again I’m always worried! She’s going to be 8 in Sep so can’t expect a lot of her other than surprises all time! 😛

    Comment by noracassandra — August 5, 2007 @ 11:29 am |Reply

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