August 30, 2007


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Thinking how my life has changed through out the last 28years and 11months and 9days!

My birthday is coming on 21st of September! I’ll be 29! I don’t feel anything special, I mean I don’t feel bad for growing up and I don’t feel any good either! Just ok! I am half Finnish for the people who don’t know and half Kuwaiti! Strange mixture but there are few of us! 😛 I was born in Finland so I carry a Finnish passport! I could have the Kuwaiti one too but why the headache!? I lived in both country quit a time just to realize I don’t belong to either! I’m rebellion hardheaded and outlawed as Kuwaitis saw me! I’m too positive, taking like easy and happy as Finnish people saw me! I was outcaste from both of my countries!

I came to Cyprus with Emmi (my best friend) about 4 years ago! I met Stelios (TO STELIOS WITH LOVE!!) I moved here to find it so difficult to start once again from 0!!

4 years has passed! I just realized in my last session with my therapist when she asked me what would I feel if I was told my father just died? My answer was first and strange when I thought about it later on! I said; I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think I would care so much! I WON’T CARE SO MUCH???? That was a break through! I’m getting to the point of letting my anger go! If you have asked me that question 1 year ago the answer would have been; I’ll be so pissed off because I know he won’t suffer anymore in this life! But that wasn’t the answer this time! 🙂

Last Christmas my mother told me she will never forgive my father, but she wishes that I would! She explained; If I get to forgive and let go of my anger and hate to my father that would be a great gift to myself! I won’t have live in past if I let him go! I won’t have to ask myself over and over again (why)!!! I hope I reach that peak that I’m trying to climb to! I know I will, but it’ll take few more years! 😀


August 27, 2007


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I know it’s strange to write about my last day on my holiday before even writing about my first one! But I think this day is the days that really stuck on my mind!

My sweet friend Emmi this day would have been yours! So I’ll tell you how it went!

I went to bed at 3am because my friend wanted to spend time with the Greek guy she met! I wasn’t excited to stay awake with them and go for drinks; I just wanted to go to sleep! I woke up at 8 am when she just came back and I got ready for breakfast and then we went out! I had my pink Von Dutch shorts and the triangle Morgan top on! You remember them both, don’t you? So for the people who don’t know them, it means I was practically naked! 😛

We went to look for few more things for my friend Dora that she needed to buy before we leave so we were walking around till about 12pm. She got everything and then I sent her back to the hotel to get some rest as she hasn’t slept for over 36hours! I stayed in town shopping! I was looking for your birthday gift, and I did think of buying you the normal eye till I saw the one I bought! I thought it was perfect! Then I continued walking to go to the shop where I saw the small boxes 2 days earlier! On the way I saw the post cards and took one for you and one for my mum! I bought the box and then went for a coffee all alone to the first café I was in on my first day there! I looked around and for some reason the only person that was on my mind was you! I thought you would love to be there right at that moment with me drinking a frappe! And then I saw the old building and the balcony and windows and I thought Emmi would have giving everything to live in that place! I don’t know why but I think my last day was perfect for being alone walking roads that we would have together and got men trying to get my attention as they did when we were together! That day was yours! I did miss you and I will always miss you! I do hope someday we be living close to each other again!


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So before going on my trip S was invited for a lunch on wed 15th which is a church celebration and a DAY OFF!!

We went to this nice small farm in the middle of nowhere! It was hot that day but the breeze helped a lot! I love being in a quit place for a change because I work in Agia Napa which is the crazy party town of Cyprus!

The people were from Nicosia and that was their (run away) spot! They were very nice and lovely people! I, S, Iida and my brother-in-law (Yannis) did enjoy the lunch and the people!

August 25, 2007


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I’m so pissed off! My p.c. is broken and I can’t post anything on my blog! I can’t chat with friends! I can’t read my news! I can’t live!!! I think I’m going to die! 😦

I’m posting this from my work place in a 10 min break!!! 😦

August 22, 2007


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Just got back from my 5 days holiday to Athens! It was great… 😀 … But I’m still so worn-out and will post about it later!

August 15, 2007


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So I think it’s time for me to tell you what happened to me on Thursday 2nd of August…

I was on my way back from an appointment with my therapist in Larnaca and I was driving on the highway at about 120km/h when a guy in a red Toyota MR2 ‘or MR-S as some call it’ see me and tries to race me!!!! As usual me I can refuse a challenge… I took him over and then slowed down for a curve that sometimes has police after it… So the guy takes me over ‘or that what I thought’… He keeps with my speed right next to my car so I look at him! He points to me to stop on the safe lane! I showed him my ring ‘meaning I’m married and not interested’… Would that stop him?? No he keeps harassing me and tries to force me to stop! But me I never did and never would… But as my sweet bad luck there has been a truck on fire on the high way and all traffic stopped and big flames from far a way reaching the sky! And smart Nora what she does??? Of course she has to stop and not just that get out of the car to take some pictures! Yes the guy was still in front of me! He gets out of his car and just comes and sits in my car! Yes just got in my car! I asked him to get out but he didn’t and as I didn’t know him and didn’t know what he might do I kept calm and just played along! So this is what happened:

He; You’re a good driver!

Me; Thank you! So are you!

He; Can I have your number?

Me; No! I’m a married woman!

He; So what? He doesn’t need to know!

Me; But I tell my husband everything! So he will know!

He; Will you tell him about me?

Me; Of course I will!

He; No you won’t!

Me; Ok I won’t!

He; So give me your number!

Me; NO!

He grabs my phone from my hands and tries to unlock it with no luck! I thought he’ll give up and leave! But no he takes the cover of my phone and tells me if I don’t give him my number he won’t give it back! Instead of just telling him to keep it I freaked out and gave him my number… He gives back my phone cover and tells me again not to tell my husband and I told that I won’t tell him… BUT before he leaves, he points to my thigh and says; That’s not nice!! Meaning the cellulite in my thigh!! I just answered back; Well I’m a woman and I have some fat on me! So what? He smiled and then he left! ‘F**king S**t! The a** want to sleep with me and calls me FAT???’

I was so relived and drove to my Tony’s Taverna and the first thing I did is told Stelios exactly what and how it happened! From the beginning of the race till the end of the thigh pointing!!! I was so pissed off! I was laughing as well! It was funny and sad some how! And while I was talking to Stelios the guy calls and I give the phone to Stelios and tell him to answer! He goes like????? What am I suppose to say? I told him just say hi! 😛 He answered in such a formal way and the guy hangs up straight a way! “Such a chicken!’ 😛

2days later he calls and I’m at work… I answer…

Me; Hello!

He; Is this Nora?

Me; Oh yes! How are you?

He; I’m ok! Where are you?

Me; I’m at work!

He; Why did you tell your husband?

Me; I told you I tell him everything!

He; What did he say?

Me; Not much! He trusts me and knows I could handle myself!

He; I want to see you!

Me; I’m a happily married woman! So the answer is no!

He; So what? I really want to see you!

Me; You want to come and have a coffee with me and my husband?

He; No, I just want to see you!

Cheryl walks in and talks to me…

He; Ok I’ll leave you for your work, but I’ll call you later! Ok?

Me; You can call when ever you want it doesn’t matter for me!

He; You’re not going to tell your husband I called?

Me; Of course I will!

He; Please don’t!

Me; You know I will tell him!

He; Ok bye!!

Me; Bye!

And yes I did tell my husband later on that day! He did try to call few more times but I just keep rejecting his calls and it seems he got my message!

Ps; Men do not tell or show a woman in any way that you think they have a bit of extra kilos on their body if you want to get to their pants!!! If I was single and a man that I did like points at my cellulite and says that’s not nice… He would have had to forget ever getting anything from me!!!

August 14, 2007


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So the footballer from my post A FOOTBALLER AT MY WORK… did come back the next day with the coffee! 😀

I’m getting ready and thinking what to take with me to Athens now for my 5 days holiday starting Friday!! Stelios keeps making fun of me and telling me I’ll be taking the whole closet by the end of my thinking! 😛 Well I usually do but this time I really want to go empty with as little stuff as I can! *as if I’ll be able to do that*…

There was an incident just a while ago! I mean some week or so!! I’ll have to post about it! I’m still shocked and find it so funny! My husband wasn’t jealous but he definitely didn’t find it funny! He thinks I’m just unrepairable!

August 10, 2007


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Weekend a head… I’m going to work on Saturday as usual and already have an appointment booked for 11am… Iida will come to my work as I want my mother-in-law to have some time with her brother who’s leaving back to Finland on Monday…

It was a nice day today! It hasn’t been so hot in the last few days… I had a young nice looking football player today! I thought he was a Swedish hunk just to find out he is Polish and a footballer… I like sport and football falls in my likeable sport category! So I did enjoy speaking and doing his beautiful curly blond long hair!! I told my husband about it straight after he left just to realize I didn’t know the guy’s name! He might be coming and bringing me and Cheryl coffee, if he does then I’ll ask him his name! 😛

I’ll be going to bed now… I know it’s only 9:45pm but after over 12 hours out of the house it just sucks the energy out of you!

August 9, 2007


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I got a candle stuck into my ear yesterday… It smelled really nice and felt warm! It sucked in my ear and got a lot of stuff out! It was disgusting to see what you had deep in your ear! 😛 Well It made me feel a bit lighter in the head straight a way! I felt good! 😀 So Cheryl is telling me she will do it again for me next week before I leave to Athens! I don’t know if she’ll do me the reflexology too! We’ll see!

Today I have few clients booked in! I don’t think it’ll be a busy day, but hopefully a good day! Now I’ll have to head to work……. 😀

August 7, 2007


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I had my reflexology last week! It was nice till one hour later… I got this horrible headache for the rest of the day… And as you’re not allowed any toxics as caffeine, medicine, sugar…etc… I had to live with the head ache till next morning! Then I had 2 painkillers and I felt perfect…

So Cheryl (my boss) when she did the reflexology for me she found out…

1. I have a very bad neck problem.

2. I have a problem with my kidneys because the lack of water due to little drinking I do…

3. I have back problem in the middle of my back…

4. I have a liver problem (no not from drinking) from the anger I have stored in it for many… many years.

5. I have a problem in my right ear.

6. Oh yes I also have a problem in some nerve in the end of my spine on the left side that if it’s not taken care of I would be getting problems on my left side of my body!

It’s not so fun to find out that I have a body that is so messed up! 😛

Well at least my boss will keep doing the reflexology for me to get my system fixed and she’ll be doing for me the Hopi Ear Candles this week to try to help the ear problem I have!! 😀

Don’t I have the best boss ever?? 😛

Oh yes she paid me 2 weeks earlier so I would have money for my holidays in Athens which is next week! 😀

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