July 29, 2007



I have to say I had 3 great days!! My friend came from Kuwait with another 2 guys on Thursday and they left on Saturday noon time… Yes 2 days only!! 😦

I was worried! I kind of felt comfortable with my friend that I didn’t know so well… But the other two guys I didn’t know at all and I was literally freaking out… I was so worried they would remind me of the bad side of Kuwait and how my husband would react to them… But those guys proved me wrong! They reminded me of the good things I loved in Kuwait and they made my husband and daughter fall in love with them! Ok not fall in love but really happy to meet… 😛

2 days is such a short time, and the day they left I was so sad and almost cried few times… But as I told myself I will see them again and how lucky I was to know them I didn’t really get depressed for them going so early! I think the funniest part of the day when they left was when I told Iida (my daughter) that the guys are leaving… she got this really sad face and asked me why did they stay for just one day (she only saw them on Friday) and why can’t they stay for ten weeks!!!! I think she meant ten days not ten weeks…

I want to thank the guys for making me so proud of Kuwaitis and Kuwait and making me and my family so excited and happy for the time they stayed here! I hope to see you all again soon!!



  1. thats great !

    Comment by um-mit3ibb — July 29, 2007 @ 11:44 pm |Reply

  2. Oh! I’m so happy to hear this!!!

    Comment by Emmi — July 30, 2007 @ 5:29 am |Reply

  3. UM-MIT3IBB; Yes indeed it was!! 😀

    EMMI; Thank you! I wish you were here to have met them too!!

    Comment by noracassandra — July 30, 2007 @ 7:57 am |Reply

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