July 23, 2007


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I know I disappeared again for 1 week! I thought I won’t but it was out of my hands!!!

Friday 15th. I came home put my PC on and started smelling as if there was something burning so I had to close the PC!

Saturday 14th. I was fully booked at work! And people just kept coming in and trying to get me to squeeze them between my appointments which were impossible!! I was supposed to finish at 8pm and I ended finishing at 9:30pm! Now the there would have been any problems if I didn’t have to be in Larnaka at 10pm! And driving normal speed would take minimum 30 mins on a normal day!! 45 mins on a Sat! So what I did is jump in the car, time was 9:35 I got out of Agia Napa traffic by 9:40 got to the high way and started doing my hair while controlling the wheel with my knee and got it done by 9:50 then was eating my lunch that I never had time to eat before and all that driving 140-160km/h! I got to my destination at 9:58!!! 😀

What was I doing in Larnaka? I was modeling for body painting! I got my whole face breasts stomach legs and behind painted!! It was so cool and I loved it and would do it 100 times more if I get a chance! I’m posting a picture from the face! Not the breasts!!! 😛

Sunday 16th. I was trying to get over Saturday!!!!

Monday 17th. Took the PC to get fixed and just continued with my full stress week!

So Monday – Thursday. I was stressing about the graduation ceremony that was on Thursday! And I haven’t found a dress or shoes for it!

Thursday 19th. I went to school in the morning and got with my group our model ready!! She looked amazing! Stelios came to Larnaka to help me look for the dress for the evening. After 1 ½ hour later we found a dress! But they didn’t have my size! They call the supplier who was delivering some clothes at that time to the district close to where we lived! He said he had one and we made a plan to meet him close to our place! We got there in time picked the dress from him, went home and got to bed to relax! Yes right I relax on my graduation day! So I wake up at 2pm have a shower brush my teeth and drive to work so my boss would make my make up! RED!!! I was beautiful!! Man my boss is so talented!! I did want the red lipstick and was happy that it went well with the dress I bought! Now the shoes I went to fin some as soon as I left Agia Napa… Nice simple black sandals were my choice!

Now I got back home at 4:20pm and had to be ready at 5! I was happy I didn’t have to worry about the makeup and I just jumped in to the dress and shoes and got my hair done in a very simple way and was ready before 5! Got the ceremony that was amazing! And I wasn’t very shocked when I was called to get rewarded for the best written project of the year! And my second reward was half scholarship and a trophy for the second best in the year 2006-2007!! I graduated with 98%!!! And the only reason I wasn’t first was because I missed 3 weeks from the studying year because I had to go to Finland 2 times and my girl fell ill once and few other personal probs I faced through the year! And the girl who got the first position was less than a point higher than me as my teachers explained to me!

So that was about it for what happened to me through out the last week!!!


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  1. WOW! That painting on you looks so cool!

    Comment by Emmi — July 24, 2007 @ 5:37 am |Reply

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