July 22, 2007


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60 laps… Amazing full of unknown and unexpected events!

Rain was expected and it did start a minute before the lights went on… Massa takes over Alonso which made me so happy and Hamilton got from 10th to 4th but lost it in few seconds because of the tyres that got him back again!

The heavy rain caused a huge mess and change in positions! As Räikkönen missed the pit he had to go for another lap that caused him his position to end up 7th while Winkelhock drove in the first position his first time in his F1 carrier!

On the third lap Hamilton, Sutil, Rosberg and Speed got off at the same point and it was seconds for Liuzzi to join them! Than ended up with a red flag and the race was stopped till things were fixed for the race to start…

Starting the race again with Button, Sutil, Rosberg, Speed and Liuzzi out of the race… Ice man was 7th, Winkilhock first, Coulthhard from fifth and Hamilton being a lap down but showing the giving up does not exist in his vocabulary!

By the 16th lap Räikkönen got to Alonso’s tail and started to push hard for the second position… But that kept going for a while but no overtaking!

At the 20th lap Ralf gets out because of a contact made with Heidfeld and left very angry pushing the F1 marshal that came to the scene to help him out of the track!

22nd lap and Hamilton keeps setting a thither fastest lap after another! The boy is not showing any slowing down!!! He just keeps going!

On the lap 35 my man got an intermittent problem that makes him slow down and interring the pit and he was pushed towards the Ferrari Garage by the marshals! What pisses me off most is the last few years every time he was racing in the Grand Prix of Europe he got some kind of car trouble that made him get out! And this time his grandmother was there watching him that just breaks my heart!!! 😦

Rain started again and made the cars get to pit to change wheels again and the wet ground got Massa bit unstable giving Alonso the chance to pass him and take the first position! That didn’t make me happy of course!

Long and full race! But not the results I was hoping for!! 😦


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  1. insane race! i can’t believe what happened to raikkonen and massa!

    but i have to admit that the battle between massa and alonso was amazing!

    Comment by Weld El-ma6aba — July 22, 2007 @ 2:16 pm |Reply

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