July 8, 2007


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I want apologies for not posting for such a long time! This is why: 

1. I haven’t been getting any sleep so I’m so tired every day! I don’t know why, just can’t get a good night sleep!

2. I’ve been running around from Larnaka to Nicosia to school to work continuously for the last 2 weeks!

3. My graduation ceremony is coming on the 19th. July, 2007! That in one and half week, and I’m going crazy trying to cope with 3 other girls on the model and the hairstyle we will present on that day! In other words I just gave up went back and let them do what ever they want, Just cat handle the migraine I got after every single time we were talking and doing a trial!

4. I was participating last Sunday in a beauty competition!! NO!! NO!! I was just there to fix the girls’ and boys’ hair! I couldn’t even stay to see who won! It was nice and fun but I did get really tired!

5. I haven’t been seeing Iida! I see her in the morning while she’s a sleep, then I’ll see her again after 9pm when I go to pick her up and take her home! I’ll be in bed by 10pm because I would be so dead tired!

6. I had my final practical exams last week! Now that went well but won’t know the results till end of next week or the week after!

7. Work has been going smoothly except for every Thursday when I have to travel 1 hour to Nicosia and 1 hour back for Goldwell and KMS training!

8. The only 1-2 hours I have for myself every day in the last 2 weeks have been in the gym! I have that time like 5 days 2 weeks ago and 3 days all last week!

9. We were also at the same time looking for a motorbike and we did find one!! 😀

That’s about it for my reasons, so would you forgive me?


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  1. Ofcourse I will forgive you.

    Comment by Emmi — July 10, 2007 @ 8:14 am |Reply

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