June 17, 2007


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I liked the race today! Especially that I was in a café watching it and my good friend was there with me! 😀

1. Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes

2.Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes

3. Felipe Massa, Ferrari

4.Kimi Räikkönen, Ferrari

5. Heikki Kovalainen Renault

The 4 and 5 are Finnish guys!! 😛

Ok I did hope that Räikkönen would over take Massa that he almost did, but well we can’t get everything we wish for! Can we?

Räikkönen lost his forth place to Heidfeld who took the forth and Kovalainen as fifth right after the red lights went off, that got me really disappointed! But right after his first pit he moved a head of both of them! This made me smile!! 🙂 And Räikkönen held the fastest lap record of the race today as 1’13.117… Even if he didn’t break Barrichello’s 2004 record 1’10.399… He still was the fastest on the circuit today! 😛

On lap 23 an amazing thing happened to my second Finn driver; Kovalainen! He led the Grand Prix for the first time in his F1 career!! 🙂

Heidfeld’s race was over on the 56th lap! He got some technical problems that made him pull over on the grass and stop his race! So that gave my Kovalainen (Finn) and Rosberg (half Finn) 5th and 6th places till Rosberg’s car was stopped because of smoke coming out of his car and then some fire, but he got out safely!!

Now that was my favorite part the 3 Finns were all in a row! 4th Kimi 5th Kovalainen then 6th was Rosberg… 😀

I’m glad that new coming legend to be Hamilton did keep his cool even with few close calls by Alonso and kept the lead! This boy is growing more and more in my eyes every race!!!

Now 2 weeks waiting time till we see F1 again; this time in France… Till then enjoy the ride!! 😉


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