June 17, 2007


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I have to write about F1!!! What can I do!? I just can’t resist!! 😛

So Hamilton did it twice in a row! He got his second pole position! I’m happy for him… 😀

My Kimi is forth after Alonso and Massa, and that’s not so bad! 🙂

 But now I really want to talk about sport spirit! I think all drivers get their behind kicked every now and then! Right? Even the great Michael Schumacher had some miss fortunes in his past races! So as a sport man you should have the sport spirit and accept defeat or misfortune every now and then! It’s a race, game or what ever you what to call it!

I was going through some F1 news when I found out that Alonso after the last race F1. MONTREAL-CANADA has been complaining that how is the team supporting Hamilton and not him! WHAT??? How could a team support their second driver and not support the first driver?? What kind of jealous attitude is that; from Alonso? I did hate him for not having a sport spirit despite of his talent as a driver, but now no way I would ever look at him with out disgust!!!

Yes as a driver you could get pissed off because you were beaten by a less experienced driver, or by even a more experienced driver!! Kimi gets pissed off easily! He shows that at the moment, but the next day he would have taking it with sport spirit! So did Schumacher; he showed few time anger and unhappy faces for losing or a misfortune, but later on he just says it’s a race and took it with a wonderful spirit!

That all I have to say about this matter! Please tell me if think I’m wrong! 😉


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