June 10, 2007


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Sitting here in the living room thinking of few things that has and will be in my life!!

1.  Feeling so bad for my cat Leo that was hit by a car and was killed instantly!! I loved that cat; he was the best cat someone could have!!!! 😦

2.     I still haven’t got paid my first salary and don’t know how to tell my boss I need the money….

3.    I have migraine again and my head is ready to fall off!!

4.   I ate like a pig today again because I’m feeling so stressed….

5.     I lost a good friend form my life for being a total ass with her/him!!

6.     Still late…. 2,5 weeks now!!! And no I’m not pregnant!!!

7.     I promised a friend to model for her to show her students a Hollywood bikini wax and how it’s done… That’s tomorrow… That will hurt like hell!!!

8.    F1 will be starting soon and if Räikkönen has his usual luck I will not be happy from the results! I hope it’ll be a good race at least!!!

9.    I need models for perming and haircutting in the school so I would pass my finals practical tests… I still didn’t find anyone that wants a free hair cut, and finding someone that wants to have perm done is practically impossible!!!

10. My life is just so down hill right now!!! I want it to change fast!!!!


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  1. Oh,Leo is dead…rip.

    Hope you got your salary by now. I got mine on Friday and spent way too much of it on that nite.

    Comment by Emmi — June 11, 2007 @ 3:50 pm |Reply

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