June 10, 2007


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This was the first Formula one race where Lewis Hamilton is on the pole position. After the lights when off Hamilton almost lost his position but got it back fast, but the half Finn Rosberg moved to the fifth to split the Massa and Räikkönen, pushing Räikkönen to the 6th.

Alonso did some mistakes today!! 😛 Yes I’m happy!!! 😀 Well on the 19th lap one of his mistakes made him lose the 3rd position to Massa! And earlier he lost the second to Heidfeld… And on lap 56 right when he thought he got back in the game strong, he makes another mistake at a turn then Raikkonen and R. Schumacher pass him leaving him P9… He finished 7th in the end of the race!!!

What was the big shock of the race is Kubica’s crash on 27th lap! He had the medics attending him for a while before e taking him out of the trashed car… I just had my hand on my heart waiting to hear that he is still alive! By the 31st lap he was taken out and headed to the circuit’s medical center, and his BMW lifted away for the race to continue! Later on the 37th lap news was out that Kubica’s condition was stable, but that was all… As in the 43rd lap it was reported he was moving his arms and legs normally, which put a smile on my face! 🙂 He was transferred after that to a hospital in Montreal by a helicopter for further checks!!! They did say he got what seems as a broken leg! But other than that he seems to have survived it!! 😀

Rosberg and Alonso got a penalty I think it was for pitting with the yellow flag out! When Kubica’s accident occurred!

On the lap 52 Massa and Fisichella were black flagged for exiting the pit under a red light earlier in the race….

I think SCD (Safety Car has been Deployed) or just to be simple (yellow flag) was the track status like over 80% of the time!!!

This race for sure wasn’t working as well as I hoped for my Ice Man!!!

It was a race full of action!! I loved it even though I had my hand on my heart half the over 75%!!!!

First ever win for Hamilton that I have to say is an amazing talented young man, and seeing his father there so proud was just the cherry on the top of the cake!!! Even in the last interview he dedicated his win to his dad, and got me all in tears!!!

And for Kovalainen; the other Finn on the track I have to say it was a good weekend for him after all even if it did start as not so good as every one thought… My sweet Ice Man did finish right behind the other Finn in the 5th position! It wasn’t so bad either!

But Lap record was not broken… That was made by R. Barrichello 1’13.622 (2004).



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