June 6, 2007

06.06.07 FOR SARA….

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It’s a beautiful morning! I hope everything in it is beautiful! I’m writing this post to wish my sister Sara a very happy birthday!

Sara; I know we did have our different opinions about life, I know we have our different believes, I know we live in two different countries, I know we have so much that separate us!!! But!!! BUT!!! I also know, we shard 15 years together, we have good and bad memories together, that what makes us sister more than anything else! Sisters are not always in peace and love, but they argue and fall apart every now and then!

We both went through a lot of difficult experiences and we both have survived even stronger women that we are today… Even with the distance and the years that came between us, I still remember us in skating ring together! I still remember us in Suuq Sharq together! I remember us crying together! I know through out the past 10years we both said and did things that we both wish we didn’t! But nothing can erase the past, all we could do is learn and forgive!! Isn’t that right??

Hope you have a wonderful, great, sweet birthday!!!!

All the love, kisses and hugs….

Your big sis



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  1. Nora-Cassandra,

    passed by the blog. interesting. keep it up. good luck.


    Comment by Nasser — June 10, 2007 @ 9:52 am |Reply

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