June 5, 2007


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It’s just my time of the month that women just go koko!! I’m late and I hate it when I’m late! And I just make sure every ones life is a living hell around me too! I know it’s bad to do that, but it’s just how crazy I get!

So Yesterday, Monday; I was already feeling like shit, and driving to school in the morning… When my stupid car decides to break down! I was on the fourth gear going about 70-80 k/h and the machine just switched off! I was still moving and lucky I was close to place that I was able to park the car… I think if I didn’t have my friend Pavlina in front of me to get to the rescue I would have just thrown myself under a passing truck! I was just so pissed off!

So I get to school late after running with my friend to my garage to give them the key so they would go and pick it up and fix it! The school wasn’t bad, but just waiting for Stelios after school to come and pick me up was horrible!!!

He tells me the car should be ready tomorrow (that’s today) and I’ll be good to go… I used Stelios’ car for the rest of the day while he took my scooter… I have like 3 huge bags I have to carry around with me so I taking the scooter was out of the question!

So with all these crazy stupid things happening, I did such a horrible thing! I hurt a friend, with things I shouldn’t have said! My friend is not answering my emails anymore, and I don’t blame her/him!!! I hope if this friend gets to read this would forgive me and starts talking to me again! I love this friend so much, and respect her/him more than anyone could imagine!!! I’m so sorry for the horrible things I said, I want to take everything I said back!!! Please except my apologies!!

Today; my car wasn’t ready, I had to use Stelios’ car again, I’m still late, my very good friend is mad at me, I’ve been eating like a pig because I’m feeling low…. And Iida is punished for losing it again and has to stay home till next Sunday!!! And I can’t stop thinking of all this!!!!!

I really hope tomorrow is a better day!! I hope I’ll get it so my body would relax, I hope I wake up with an email from my friend, I hope my car won’t mess my life again, I hope and hope and hope!!!!!


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