June 17, 2007


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I liked the race today! Especially that I was in a café watching it and my good friend was there with me! 😀

1. Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes

2.Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes

3. Felipe Massa, Ferrari

4.Kimi Räikkönen, Ferrari

5. Heikki Kovalainen Renault

The 4 and 5 are Finnish guys!! 😛

Ok I did hope that Räikkönen would over take Massa that he almost did, but well we can’t get everything we wish for! Can we?

Räikkönen lost his forth place to Heidfeld who took the forth and Kovalainen as fifth right after the red lights went off, that got me really disappointed! But right after his first pit he moved a head of both of them! This made me smile!! 🙂 And Räikkönen held the fastest lap record of the race today as 1’13.117… Even if he didn’t break Barrichello’s 2004 record 1’10.399… He still was the fastest on the circuit today! 😛

On lap 23 an amazing thing happened to my second Finn driver; Kovalainen! He led the Grand Prix for the first time in his F1 career!! 🙂

Heidfeld’s race was over on the 56th lap! He got some technical problems that made him pull over on the grass and stop his race! So that gave my Kovalainen (Finn) and Rosberg (half Finn) 5th and 6th places till Rosberg’s car was stopped because of smoke coming out of his car and then some fire, but he got out safely!!

Now that was my favorite part the 3 Finns were all in a row! 4th Kimi 5th Kovalainen then 6th was Rosberg… 😀

I’m glad that new coming legend to be Hamilton did keep his cool even with few close calls by Alonso and kept the lead! This boy is growing more and more in my eyes every race!!!

Now 2 weeks waiting time till we see F1 again; this time in France… Till then enjoy the ride!! 😉



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I have to write about F1!!! What can I do!? I just can’t resist!! 😛

So Hamilton did it twice in a row! He got his second pole position! I’m happy for him… 😀

My Kimi is forth after Alonso and Massa, and that’s not so bad! 🙂

 But now I really want to talk about sport spirit! I think all drivers get their behind kicked every now and then! Right? Even the great Michael Schumacher had some miss fortunes in his past races! So as a sport man you should have the sport spirit and accept defeat or misfortune every now and then! It’s a race, game or what ever you what to call it!

I was going through some F1 news when I found out that Alonso after the last race F1. MONTREAL-CANADA has been complaining that how is the team supporting Hamilton and not him! WHAT??? How could a team support their second driver and not support the first driver?? What kind of jealous attitude is that; from Alonso? I did hate him for not having a sport spirit despite of his talent as a driver, but now no way I would ever look at him with out disgust!!!

Yes as a driver you could get pissed off because you were beaten by a less experienced driver, or by even a more experienced driver!! Kimi gets pissed off easily! He shows that at the moment, but the next day he would have taking it with sport spirit! So did Schumacher; he showed few time anger and unhappy faces for losing or a misfortune, but later on he just says it’s a race and took it with a wonderful spirit!

That all I have to say about this matter! Please tell me if think I’m wrong! 😉


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My favorite song this summer!! And it’s Ville Valo the Finnish singer from HIM!!! 😀

Strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring

My summer wine is really made from all these things

I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled too

A song that I had only sang to just a few

She saw my silver spurs and said let pass some time

And I will give to you summer wine


Oohh-oh summer wine


Strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring

My summer wine is really made from all these things

Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time

And I will give to you summer wine


Oohh-oh summer wine


My eyes grew heavy and my lips they could not speak

I tried to get up but I couldn’t find my feet

She reassured me with an unfamiliar line

And then she gave to me more summer wine


Oohh-oh summer wine


Strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring

My summer wine is really made from all these things

Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time

And I will give to you summer wine


Oohh-oh summer wine


When I woke up the sun was shining in my eyes

My silver spurs were gone my head felt twice its size

She took my silver spurs a dollar and a dime

And left me cravin’ for more summer wine


Oohh-oh summer wine


Strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring

My summer wine is really made from all these things

Take off those silver spurs and help me pass the time

And I will give to you my summer wine


Oohh-oh summer wine

June 10, 2007


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This was the first Formula one race where Lewis Hamilton is on the pole position. After the lights when off Hamilton almost lost his position but got it back fast, but the half Finn Rosberg moved to the fifth to split the Massa and Räikkönen, pushing Räikkönen to the 6th.

Alonso did some mistakes today!! 😛 Yes I’m happy!!! 😀 Well on the 19th lap one of his mistakes made him lose the 3rd position to Massa! And earlier he lost the second to Heidfeld… And on lap 56 right when he thought he got back in the game strong, he makes another mistake at a turn then Raikkonen and R. Schumacher pass him leaving him P9… He finished 7th in the end of the race!!!

What was the big shock of the race is Kubica’s crash on 27th lap! He had the medics attending him for a while before e taking him out of the trashed car… I just had my hand on my heart waiting to hear that he is still alive! By the 31st lap he was taken out and headed to the circuit’s medical center, and his BMW lifted away for the race to continue! Later on the 37th lap news was out that Kubica’s condition was stable, but that was all… As in the 43rd lap it was reported he was moving his arms and legs normally, which put a smile on my face! 🙂 He was transferred after that to a hospital in Montreal by a helicopter for further checks!!! They did say he got what seems as a broken leg! But other than that he seems to have survived it!! 😀

Rosberg and Alonso got a penalty I think it was for pitting with the yellow flag out! When Kubica’s accident occurred!

On the lap 52 Massa and Fisichella were black flagged for exiting the pit under a red light earlier in the race….

I think SCD (Safety Car has been Deployed) or just to be simple (yellow flag) was the track status like over 80% of the time!!!

This race for sure wasn’t working as well as I hoped for my Ice Man!!!

It was a race full of action!! I loved it even though I had my hand on my heart half the over 75%!!!!

First ever win for Hamilton that I have to say is an amazing talented young man, and seeing his father there so proud was just the cherry on the top of the cake!!! Even in the last interview he dedicated his win to his dad, and got me all in tears!!!

And for Kovalainen; the other Finn on the track I have to say it was a good weekend for him after all even if it did start as not so good as every one thought… My sweet Ice Man did finish right behind the other Finn in the 5th position! It wasn’t so bad either!

But Lap record was not broken… That was made by R. Barrichello 1’13.622 (2004).


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Sitting here in the living room thinking of few things that has and will be in my life!!

1.  Feeling so bad for my cat Leo that was hit by a car and was killed instantly!! I loved that cat; he was the best cat someone could have!!!! 😦

2.     I still haven’t got paid my first salary and don’t know how to tell my boss I need the money….

3.    I have migraine again and my head is ready to fall off!!

4.   I ate like a pig today again because I’m feeling so stressed….

5.     I lost a good friend form my life for being a total ass with her/him!!

6.     Still late…. 2,5 weeks now!!! And no I’m not pregnant!!!

7.     I promised a friend to model for her to show her students a Hollywood bikini wax and how it’s done… That’s tomorrow… That will hurt like hell!!!

8.    F1 will be starting soon and if Räikkönen has his usual luck I will not be happy from the results! I hope it’ll be a good race at least!!!

9.    I need models for perming and haircutting in the school so I would pass my finals practical tests… I still didn’t find anyone that wants a free hair cut, and finding someone that wants to have perm done is practically impossible!!!

10. My life is just so down hill right now!!! I want it to change fast!!!!


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June 9, 2007


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Interactive Circuit- Montreal- Canada… That is where the F1 is holding the race this weekend!

Qualifications went really nicely and kept every one on their toes!!

I’m sad that my Ice Man ended up as 4th position!! He got knocked off the 3rd by Heidfeld… He walked back to the Ferrari station with out taking his helmet off! I think he was a bit upset!

But I thought it was a good qualification, because Hamilton won his first ever pole position! He was very humble even knowing it was his first ever on the Montreal circuit!! He is amazing guy!! I like watching him go!!! Alonso came second! I hate him, I don’t know since he spoke from up his nose trying to put himself higher that Michael Schumacher!!!

I’m just hoping now for my Kimi to do well tomorrow and get to the first 3!!


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Saturday morning! Just got my Nescafe ready… I miss the good coffee I used to drink in Finland! The coffee here is bad! 😦

I’m going to the GYM at 9am this time I’ll be taking Iida with me to start taking swimming lessons there… She doesn’t even know it yet! I tried to teach her last year but what can I say; I’m a bad teacher!! 🙂

Emmi; I hope you and the girls had a blast last night!! I’m sure you all looked so beautiful!!! So did Omppu enjoy it?? She hasn’t been out for long time and I know she is amazing fun going out with! So did you wear the white top and the belt, or did you change it to green one??

I still have to work today from 4pm-8pm! I have a coloring to do at 4 and it might be taking me 2 hours with getting her hair ready because another hairdresser just messed up her hair!!!

So I’ll be home maybe 20 mins late for the F1 qualifications in Montreal, Canada! It’ll be starting at 8 so if I drive from work fast enough I’ll get home in 20min and that includes a stop to pick up Iida!!! Well I might even be lucky to get to watch it at my mum in law if Iida is there! Then I would miss just the first 10 mins!! GO KIMI!!! I hope you’re luck is better in this race!

Weld El-ma6aba; I hope you get to see it this week! 😉 It’s at 8 pm so you don’t have work excuses this week! 😛

June 6, 2007

06.06.07 FOR SARA….

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It’s a beautiful morning! I hope everything in it is beautiful! I’m writing this post to wish my sister Sara a very happy birthday!

Sara; I know we did have our different opinions about life, I know we have our different believes, I know we live in two different countries, I know we have so much that separate us!!! But!!! BUT!!! I also know, we shard 15 years together, we have good and bad memories together, that what makes us sister more than anything else! Sisters are not always in peace and love, but they argue and fall apart every now and then!

We both went through a lot of difficult experiences and we both have survived even stronger women that we are today… Even with the distance and the years that came between us, I still remember us in skating ring together! I still remember us in Suuq Sharq together! I remember us crying together! I know through out the past 10years we both said and did things that we both wish we didn’t! But nothing can erase the past, all we could do is learn and forgive!! Isn’t that right??

Hope you have a wonderful, great, sweet birthday!!!!

All the love, kisses and hugs….

Your big sis


June 5, 2007


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It’s just my time of the month that women just go koko!! I’m late and I hate it when I’m late! And I just make sure every ones life is a living hell around me too! I know it’s bad to do that, but it’s just how crazy I get!

So Yesterday, Monday; I was already feeling like shit, and driving to school in the morning… When my stupid car decides to break down! I was on the fourth gear going about 70-80 k/h and the machine just switched off! I was still moving and lucky I was close to place that I was able to park the car… I think if I didn’t have my friend Pavlina in front of me to get to the rescue I would have just thrown myself under a passing truck! I was just so pissed off!

So I get to school late after running with my friend to my garage to give them the key so they would go and pick it up and fix it! The school wasn’t bad, but just waiting for Stelios after school to come and pick me up was horrible!!!

He tells me the car should be ready tomorrow (that’s today) and I’ll be good to go… I used Stelios’ car for the rest of the day while he took my scooter… I have like 3 huge bags I have to carry around with me so I taking the scooter was out of the question!

So with all these crazy stupid things happening, I did such a horrible thing! I hurt a friend, with things I shouldn’t have said! My friend is not answering my emails anymore, and I don’t blame her/him!!! I hope if this friend gets to read this would forgive me and starts talking to me again! I love this friend so much, and respect her/him more than anyone could imagine!!! I’m so sorry for the horrible things I said, I want to take everything I said back!!! Please except my apologies!!

Today; my car wasn’t ready, I had to use Stelios’ car again, I’m still late, my very good friend is mad at me, I’ve been eating like a pig because I’m feeling low…. And Iida is punished for losing it again and has to stay home till next Sunday!!! And I can’t stop thinking of all this!!!!!

I really hope tomorrow is a better day!! I hope I’ll get it so my body would relax, I hope I wake up with an email from my friend, I hope my car won’t mess my life again, I hope and hope and hope!!!!!

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