May 13, 2007


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I’m really so unbelievably upset! I think Kimi Räikkönen is one hell of a driver! Maybe even the best right now!! But his bad luck!!! He has had this horrible luck for years now! Ever since he took over McLaren, the engine problems just didn’t stop. And now in Ferrari! Why is it that has to take his sweet hard luck with him???

I love you Kimi, but you have to check with a real good Ennustaja!!! They could help often!! Please my sweet Ice man if you ever get to read this post at least think about it!

So now back to the race! Now every one understands that Räikkönen had just mechanical problems so he was out in his 6th lap! But I have to say I was happy Massa won the race in the end of the day! I was also happy for my other Finnish boys in the track Nico Rosberg, Williams (6th) and Heikki Kovalainen, Renault (7th)!

I was really happy in the beginning of the race when Alonso lost his place when lost control for few seconds! But well I was hit hard after that with Kimi’s terrible luck.

I do like Hamilton though and really nice to see a new young good talent on the circuit!


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  1. don’t get me started !! i’m so mad about what happened to Raikkonen..
    the man is running out of luck

    Comment by Weld El-ma6aba — May 14, 2007 @ 6:11 am |Reply

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