May 12, 2007


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I have to apologize for the fans of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? I have just been so busy at school and work!!

So this is how it’s going…. So as I mentioned in the NOT SO HAPPY…HAPPY…HAPPY.. about the second cut in the show this is what happened…

Elpiniki is a Cypriot girl, she was so far the most beautiful girl on the show! She was only 18 years old…. But the truth to be told she wasn’t as talented as needed to be! She is sweet, nice, beautiful and from Cyprus but she needs to get more training!

Petros: The guy from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? MY LIST!! He was good dancer, I mean he got all the steps right… But in his eyes was no passion for the dance floor… Greek dancing doesn’t need that passion, but when you go dancing Tango or Latin you need that passion! You need to feel that the man is going down on the dance floor as if he will make passionate love as he never has! But that look, and that passion was missing in Petros… Sadly good talent, but never enough!

The third cut:

The guy who was sent home was Vangelis He just was always lucky of having the right partner so he never got to the elimination round… He knows how to dance, but he needs years of work… Sadly he is 25 and it might be bit difficult for him to get to the level needed! Well I always say it’s never too late, you just need to put your heart to it!

Maria from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? MY LIST!! Had a sister in the show… Kiki! She was good dancer, but she knew herself that she was ton as natural talented as her sister Maria!! I did like her for her personality, but it was a fair cut! What touched me most was seeing Maria crying when she found out that her sister will no longer continue the show! So she was 21 years old!

The fourth cut that was last night:

Dimitra is a dance teacher and a very talented dancer… I think the only problem was that she wasn’t so popular! She wasn’t so liked… I personally think she wasn’t nice and she was very rude to my friend when my friend (who’s also a dance teacher) tried talking to her… The sad part is to see her husband (or fiancé) Paulos with tears in his eyes… So now he has to continue the show with out his woman! I’m not sad about the cut, but I did feel it was bit unfair!

Now when this guy’s name was called to leave, I cried!! I think everyone cried including Metaxopoulos the judge who had to tell him that he had to leave! Petros Zlatikos was a great, I mean incredible talent!! I think he grow on my skin and made me just love him… The sad part he wasn’t popular, as Chiago from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? MY LIST!! So Petros had to be chosen over Chiago that I really do not like and think can’t dance as well as Petros!! I saw Petros’s mum crying in the audience, and even the presenter couldn’t talk anymore because she couldn’t stop crying!!! Now this cut I didn’t like and I defiantly think it was so unfair!!!


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  1. GO MITCH!!!.
    he’s the cutest ever!.
    he goes to VCASS woooo!!.

    Comment by Lucy — May 20, 2007 @ 7:10 am |Reply

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