May 10, 2007


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I made a comment on Marzouq’s blog about the engine problems Ducatis have been going through the last 5 years…

Well this is the thing, I love Ducati! I think that’s the best race bike name you can hold between your arms… But what’s been happening is many Ducati buyers complain about problems they face in the bike in the first year… I have friends that are in bike repairing and selling, so all what I heard when asked about buying a Ducati is advices not to. Ok I love the bike. So would I stay so loyal to it that even though people with a lot of expiriance are telling me not to buy one because of the ECU and engine problems it’s been having, and buy one???

For people who talk cars not bikes, if you get the chance to get a Lamborghini, but you have heard about some problems that the car been having for the last few years, would you still buy it? Or would you check your choices even though you love that car and buy something like a Ferrari instead?

Does that decision a traitor if I end up choosing another bike or the Ferrari? My love for the Ducati and the Lamborghini still stands strong and just waiting for the problems to get fixed…

So people, tell me what you think!??


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  1. even with knowing these problems, I wasn’t a huge Ducati fan, i thought they were really nice, but when I saw it I fell in love with it! There is no way I wouldn’t have gotten a Ducati after seeing it, even with knowing the little issue!

    But I have to say the problem is minor, and I’m really enjoying the bike! On another note, your thought process regarding the issues is logical, you are better off buying the 2nd year version of the bike which is the 08 model if you are considering it or if anyone is considering a new bike. But one thing is for sure the 1098 is anything but logical!!!! hehehe! I hope you ride soon girl!

    Comment by Marzouq — May 12, 2007 @ 8:46 pm |Reply

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