May 6, 2007


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This post is dedicated to my sweet blogger friend Weld El-ma6aba!!

I know how you feel!! Believe me!!! I took my girl to the hospitals there for checking what’s wrong with her breathing! She was months old! They kept on giving her some Asthma medication till I left and went to Finland! I’m saying I took her to so many different hospitals public and privet!! All did the same! As soon as we got to Fin, she was checked by the local clinic, and was sent straight to the allergic hospital that was doing tests for 1 month! They found out she was allergic to the medicine they were giving her in Kuwait!!! Can you believe it?? Allergic!!! She was just few months old, and how would I know, I’m not a doctor!! Well they sent her to the children’s hospital and found the problem that needed an operation ASAP… She was 1 year and 3 months old by then and it took them 3 months of 2 times a week of tests to find it out, but they didn’t stop till they found the prob! She’s perfect now, but I can never forget that day when the doctor came and told me that my daughter needed an operation!!!!

Another incident in a public hospital in Kuwait! Not a clinic!! A big major hospital!!!

I was 20, just out of my motorbike accident! I go for check up for both of my legs that were hurt badly from the accident! So I took my number and sat to wait! Dr. Q sees me sitting with my tight t-shirt and shorts because I couldn’t put long pants on those two legs! Well he ignores all the patients that had older and more serious cases than me! I didn’t know Dr. Q, but I did know 5 other Drs there… Well to cut the story short he comes straight to me and asks me my prob. I tell him bout my legs, and he asks me in the room! I go with him, he closes the door… checks my legs, and then asks: So is there anything else I could do for you? I mean anything!!….. WTF??? I still get so pissed off when I remember that Dr. Q and his stupid question: Anything else?? I think people go to hospitals to get checked and cured, not to get F**ked!!!

Weld El-ma6aba I do hope that your friend will get the treatment he/she needs!!! I’m praying for you friend from my heart!



  1. I just saw ur comment and so decided to veiw ur topic. I must admit the first situation is terrifying. Thnak god that your daughter is fine and well. But i believe that the second case could happen anywhere in which people of my gender do not respect themselves!! Im actually not studying in kuwait at the moment, but i will be working there soon. But i still do believe that we have some terrific doctors. Good things happen everyday in the hospitals in kuwait but keep in mind that people tend to forget the good experiences and keep remebering the bad ones! Im not saying that doctors are allowed to make mistakes, but they do happen! Anyway i just have to believe in the system and keep my fingers crossed, for now atleast!!

    Comment by Hasan.B — May 6, 2007 @ 6:18 pm |Reply

  2. thanks for the post and thanks for wishing my friend to get well… well it’s actually my grandmother and thats why i mentioned the age difference problem that we are facing..

    i’m glad you daughter is good now… and again thanks 😉

    Comment by Weld El-ma6aba — May 6, 2007 @ 10:33 pm |Reply


    Submited post on – “KUWAIT HOSPITALS STILL SUCK!!!”

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