May 5, 2007


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I’m so happy got my fat behind back in the gym on Friday, and went again today!! I didn’t go for the last 7 months because of the school and no money!! Oh yeh also because of my fractured toe!! So now I went back and started my body building program… NO I’m not trying to buff myself to look like those huge girls; I’m just trying to get my muscles back in shape…. I’m 160cm and I’m 58kg I don’t want to get over 60kg!!! Well now I have every single muscle in my body aching, but it feels so damn good!!!! 😀

I also started work last Tuesday… It’s a really nice small place… I’m working with a friend so it’s not like I have a boss that will be shouting and loosing it over my head! She’s great, and I’m happy I did go and try for it! So she is a beautician… She specializes in the Aroma therapy and Swedish massages! She also dose make up, waxing, hands and feet! She’s just great!! I hope I’ll be saying that she’s great after 2 months! We’ll see… 😉 Well the good news I’m the only hairdresser there so I get all the clients with out fighting for them, and I’ll be working with KMS California products that really rocks!! 🙂

The weather is getting warmer all the time! It’ll be dusty and hot tomorrow! We had today about 27ºc… I’m not so excited thinking the 40ºc is coming in a month or two!

Oh yes!! I got some tan while Emmi was here and also burned my nose! And no Emmi, I haven’t been going to the beach after you left! 😉

But now I think I have to stop the fun and focus on my project that I have to give in on 1st of June!!! And I have only wrote 15 pages and need to get at least 70 done!!! AAAHHHH!!!!!!

So now it’ll be Mon-Fri 6am wake up, fix my daughter and myself for school, 7am drive my daughter to school then head to my school (40min drive), 8am-12:30pm school, 1pm-3pm gym, and at work from (40min drive from gum to work) 4pm-8pm… About 8:30pm or 9pm I’m home lifeless and tiered fixing my daughter to bed and have to work 2 or 3 hours on the project…. On Sat I go to gym in the morning, then come home and eat lunch with my husband and daughter, then go to work from 4-8pm…. Sunday (tomorrow) I’m free, off, no work, and stay late in bed (NO Emmi, I’m not going to the beach!!) I will be lazy at home!!!

So now all I’ll say GOOD NIGHT every one and I will be happy in my bed for the next 12 hours!! 😀


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