April 18, 2007


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Today I want to post updates on my last post : SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? THINK AGAIN!!

Last nights episode made me feel there is chance for the Greek version to be kind of honest! No…NO!!!! The half naked Brazilian is still in, and the rich red headed bimbo is in making people’s lives hell! But they did dance well last night as a couple, so they didn’t deserve to be put out for elimination!I’ll write about my favorite talents in that show in another post! But in this one I have to say few words about the judges! 1. Michalis Nalbantis (The gorgeous blue eyed)Art Director of the dance company CHOREFTES. He studied dance at Rallou Manou’s Professional School. He has collaborated as a teacher with “Chorokinisi”, “Roes”, the Southeastern College, R. Kouvari’s School of
Dance and the Isadora & Raymond Duncan Institution.
And of course the girls are in love with his famous blue eyes, and charming smile!
2. Evelina Papoulia:

Forced by her parents to attend dance lessons at the tender age of 7. Following her graduation, she moved to
New York in 1991, at the age of 20, where she studied in the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. She also participated in the Mega Dance Company. Evelina first claimed stardom as the hysterical blond TV persona Marina Kountouratou, in “Dyo xenoi” (1997).

Now she has the most beautiful red hair I would love to have!

3. Panos Metaxopoulos:

The closest to my heart! I have so much respect for this Dance teacher… I’ve seen him River dancing on TV show! He is amazing talent, honest judge and a great teacher! If I ever wish some one has been my dancing teacher it’s: Panos Metaxopoulos! I hope some day I could meet this great man!

So last night the judges stood strong and talk honestly! I loved it! Panos Metaxopoulos said in the very beginning of the show: This show is about dancing, do not vote for some one because they are good looking, wearing short dresses, or simply because they are sexy! Vote for the good dancers! For the talents you see! He even told the red headed bimbo, you can’t follow your choreographer and that is not makes you a weak dancer!

My deepest tanks for the judges, and Mega TV!!!




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