April 16, 2007


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Holidays are over! I didn’t get to go to school today; I had to visit doctors because of my neck problems! I ended up wearing my collar for the next 2-4 weeks as the doctor advised! No medicine because no medicines are killing the pain anymore! 

It was middle October 1998 Friday night… I was still living in Kuwait… My father was in one of his 3 months touring in China and Philippians… I was only 20 so men that only meant PARTY time for me…

I was with a friend S on a motorbike, Honda CBR 900 Red and white!! It was beautiful!!! By that time I really liked S and we were very close, but not boyfriend and girlfriend yet… We went to party and riding almost everyday! He was 24 then… I remember going to harass police men and showing them the finger then just riding off while they try to chase after us… I love speed,,,, I love cars,,,, but most of all nothing compare my feeling when I’m on a motorbike…

So back to the story! Middle Oct. midnights ride with my S and about 20 others of his friends! There were like 4 girls only, well it was in Kuwait and not many are crazy and careless enough to go out that time (I was just out of control)… We start riding, along the gulf road, we notice a friend of S that he hasn’t seen for a while… Both had CBR 900 and both wanted to show its pour! We were flying; we passed the 200 k/h!! I loved it! Suddenly I feel the back wheel was rising because of the hard braking! I just pushed my back bit to the back to balance the bike and lower the back wheel! I looked to the front and I see a 1983 Chevrolet Caprice Classic… Any way we slow down and his friend passes us… But the Egyptian driver opens for us and we say what the hell lets go! I had my head up till the wind was so hard so it was after passing 140 k/h at least… and we kept going just faster… Suddenly he pushes the brakes so hard I just looked to the front and saw that the stupid Chevrolet has just turned in front of us and we didn’t have more than 20 meters between us and he (we were one the left lain) and I knew we were going to hit! And so we did, over 160 k/h (S said we were about 200 k/h) as our speed and the metallic Chevrolet no chance of avoiding it what so ever… I was flying!!! And then rolling on the ground… I remember seeing the dark clear night sky with all its stars for a second, and then the ground for another second and so on for a little while… I had a helmet (a damn good one if I might say) and my eyes were open all the time… I was rushed with my S to the hospital, I had a cut in my right leg that was open and you could see the bone (the whole meat and skin was just pulled down)… My left foot had fractured toes… Skin was off in both of my arms and also from my lefts underarm pit… But I was out of the hospital next morning! Thank God S just lost the skin off both of his hand, but no broken bones, and he also had a good helmet on!! It was only the next day when I found out that the bike flew after us and fell only 1 meter away from me! I had a hell of a night, but I was on a bike after 1 week when I was better with my walking! And now I’m planning for a motorbike driving license and my own bike in the next 3 years! I’m glad that my husband (TO STELIOS WITH LOVE!!) supports me even if doesn’t really understand me… I LOVE HIM!!! 

When people ask me what would I change if I go back to that night?? I simply say, I’ll remember to take my sunglasses from the hospital, because I really loved them… But about the accident! I wouldn’t change a minute of it! I am who I am because of my experiences in my life… I don’t hate my scars. I only would like my headaches and neck aches to stop!



  1. You are very lucky, to have an accident with that speed and get up without any big injuries. I’m Harley man I own two Harleys, and I ride them all the time. Every October I ship my Fat boy to Oman and I ride it back to Kuwait. It is fun.

    Comment by Fahad — April 17, 2007 @ 10:00 am |Reply

  2. Fahad: I have to say I’m a Harley person too! You know the feeling of being the king on the road!? That’s how I feel when on a Harley! But maybe bit to heavy for me to start with! I think take my chance with the smaller ones and I know they are even more difficult to handle! Then 10 years if I’m lucky, would have saved for a real beautiful Harley! For now I just have to do some hard work! I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to ride in KW, but Europe will see me riding all around it some day!

    Comment by noracassandra — April 17, 2007 @ 4:23 pm |Reply

  3. Interesting. good topic,,

    Comment by Bo Nawaf — April 17, 2007 @ 7:31 pm |Reply

  4. damn.. thats serious! we’ll i’m glad you got out of it with almost nothing serious if it’s right way to put it .. i think u should go to ebay and i bet u that u can find the same glasses you lost over there

    Comment by Weld El-ma6aba — April 18, 2007 @ 2:51 am |Reply

  5. […] a helmet has saved my life ones ( I FLEW WITHOUT WINGS WHEN I WAS 20… ) and I did say I would never go riding with out one! But today, just today I couldn’t […]

    Pingback by I WAS GOOD THEN BAD TODAY!!!!! « SHE WHO ENTANGLES MEN — May 21, 2007 @ 8:17 pm |Reply

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