April 13, 2007


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So You Think You Can Dance is an American dance reality show and competition that is broadcast on the Fox Network, on Fox Japan, on CTV in Canada, on Living in United Kingdom and Ireland and on Network Ten in Australia.

Recently the show’s rights were sold to foreign broadcaster Mega Channel in Greece. It will air its own version of the show, with auditions being held in Athens, Greece; New York City, New York, USA; Melbourne, Australia; Munich, Germany; and Cyprus. The auditions in the countries outside of Greece are aimed at Greeks living abroad, and could expand if there is a demand in places not currently on the list for auditions. It airs commercials for tryouts on its satellite channel Mega Cosmos. The grand prize of the show will be 100,000 euro, as well as a scholarship to a dance school in London, England.

I was so excited to see al those talented people moving on that stage! Even a friend of mine was participating in it but didn’t get through to the final 20! I loved that show as many did from the start until last Tuesday! The 17th episode! The first live episode… So now to look at what made many mad and angry after airing the show last Tuesday 10.04.2007…?

·        When someone get kicked out, sacked, thrown out, voted off… They should stay that way! But in Greece no! The roles are different! If you are a rich man’s daughter, with a red hair, and sexy body… they’ll go over the walls to get you back! Even if it means stepping on a poor girl, beautiful and talented (at least better dancer than the red headed)… That’s exactly what they did!!

·        If you don’t know how to dance, then you are gone!! That’s what you think… That’s in real shows, not in Greece!!! You’ll be voted back on the show because your sweet daddy has millions in his accounts!

·        The sexy Brazilian can move his hips, but he seriously sucks! Voting him back because he takes off his t-shirt off when dancing?? Now that is totally F**ked up!!




  1. I love that show!

    I watch the American version, I actually just finished watching an episode. Of course it has aired ages ago live. These are just re-runs. But I think it’s the best reality tv show ever 🙂

    Too bad that’s what’s going on with the greek version. But I am sure pulling favours is something that happens all over the world.

    Still, it sucks!

    Comment by kinano — April 14, 2007 @ 11:53 am |Reply

  2. Kinano: I love the show too! I think so many talents and great sport spirit and emotions! It is very sad what’s happening with the Greek version!

    Comment by noracassandra — April 14, 2007 @ 8:03 pm |Reply

  3. What made you think that the greek version could be something different from what’s happenning in everyday life in Greece? 😦

    Comment by pavlosevil — April 17, 2007 @ 4:36 pm |Reply

  4. pavlosevil: Very sad in deed! 😦

    Comment by noracassandra — April 17, 2007 @ 5:00 pm |Reply

  5. I think that you’re too strict with the greek”So you think you can dance.”I know that Greece produces a show like this for the first time.And who said that everyday life in Greece is like what you see on TV?You’ve got to live here to say things like that.

    Comment by evanescence — April 25, 2007 @ 2:15 pm |Reply

  6. Evanescence: I live in Cyprus, and my sister-in-law lives in Greece… I have like 20 friends at least that are form Greece, or have been living in Greece! So I do know about Greece’s way of handling things! But you should read
    Thanks for you comment! 😀

    Comment by noracassandra — April 25, 2007 @ 7:11 pm |Reply

  7. woah…is this wat really happened?! but wait…angeliki had sumthn wrong with her leg. and the red headed took her place. wat is it about the daddy bein rich?:S

    Comment by Aria — April 26, 2007 @ 2:50 pm |Reply

  8. hi!!!how are you guys???i watch so you think you can dance in greek version.i watch so you think you can dance beacause i like mitch.he is very beautifuland e is 15 years old.he dance fantastick!!!!!i love her!!!my e-mail is i love mitch!!!! i dont say you my name is annie bye i love you mitch so much!!!!!!!

    Comment by annie — April 30, 2007 @ 6:11 pm |Reply


    Comment by MARIANNA — May 10, 2007 @ 1:09 pm |Reply

  10. Evanescence: Ι live in Greece.

    Comment by pavlosevil — May 12, 2007 @ 5:32 pm |Reply

  11. i’m greek and i live in Greece! i think that Greece is a really nice country!! you are strict “judges”!! anyway, I have never watched the american so you think you can dance. as you say is much better than the greek! mitch is the best. He is attractive and you love watcing him when he dances(and not only)!!!

    Comment by goldy — May 28, 2007 @ 2:09 pm |Reply

  12. Hi i’m greek and i want to say that what you say it’s true but Tsiago and Aggeliki get out of the show by the audience so i don’t think that the greek version of so you think you can dance is so bad. Moreover Giota, Loukas and Zan Pier reach to the Final and i think they are very good dancers. Of course i love MITCH and i am so sad that he couldn’t make it. He was the best dancer in the show an as Metaxopoulos says “it was our honour to have you in our show”. But i am sure that Mitch will do a very big carrer because he is so talented and i am happy for him. Unfortunately he will go back to Australia to go on with his school. I hope to see him soon.

    I will be glad to hear your comments in my e-mail “”


    Comment by Marialena — June 13, 2007 @ 10:49 am |Reply

  13. marialena you are right!!!!!It was their honour to have him in the show!!!They were really unfair!!!Loukas is an amazing dancer!!I have no doupt about this, but Mitch is much better than him!!!!!he was amazing when he danced the last time with Metaxopoulos!Metaxopoulos’s behaviour was very strange, almost crazy, especially when he “water” the audience!!!!!!

    Comment by goldy — June 14, 2007 @ 2:08 pm |Reply

  14. hey guys!! i am giota and i am from greece..i will definetly aggree with Marialena because tsiago was voted off the show from the audience. and i will also aggree that giota zan pierre and loukas are great! but i think that people were unfair with maria because she was the best!

    Comment by Reggina!! — June 17, 2007 @ 4:18 pm |Reply

  15. do you know if they will do tour?

    Comment by goldy — June 22, 2007 @ 10:42 am |Reply

  16. guys when mits leaves for australia will he be coming back to greece again??

    Comment by alexia — June 23, 2007 @ 2:58 pm |Reply

  17. I think he is leaving to Australia the next Wednesday!:(
    I hope that he will return the next year for “so you think you can dance 2”

    Comment by goldy — June 23, 2007 @ 3:53 pm |Reply

  18. is there any way i can contact mitch??like send hin a fanletter….or even see him????does anyone know??

    Comment by alexia — June 27, 2007 @ 5:34 pm |Reply

  19. i whould’nt mind if anyone who knows his mobile number gives it to me…:)

    Comment by alexia — June 27, 2007 @ 5:37 pm |Reply

  20. all dancers were good but jean pierre should win the show. he was the best by far and he could dance all the styles very nice. also although he was 37 his passion was unbelievable.

    Comment by jp4life — July 10, 2007 @ 4:22 pm |Reply

  21. I like both version of this show. Very good dancers. I never knew that people had that much talent dancing

    Comment by Cyprus Girl — March 14, 2010 @ 8:31 pm |Reply

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