April 8, 2007


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9:00am: woke up…


9:30am: eat my Easter breakfast (Flawnes & Eggs) and watch my SWEET ICE MAN get the third position 😦 then interviewed:

Q: Kimi, you must be very happy the way the weekend has gone for you, to be on the podium for the second successive race.

KR: Yeah, of course I’m happy to get some points but a bit disappointed how the race ended up. The whole weekend was quite difficult but I think we needed to compromise too many things and we lost too much speed because of those things, but it was one of those weekends where we needed to do what was most important and try to get as many points as we could. We just didn’t have enough speed today and couldn’t do much more.

Q: Well, you had a terrific spectator position for that battle between Lewis and your team mate Felipe Massa. Talk us through that from your point of view; you nearly passed Felipe. Well, you did pass Felipe eventually.

KR: Yeah, in the end when he made a mistake but unfortunately I didn’t have enough speed in a straight line to try to challenge either of them when I got behind Lewis. I got close to him but I didn’t have as much speed as Felipe so he could always challenge him but I was not able to do that. I always tried to get close to them because I knew that they would have a fight and I thought that maybe I could get passed one of them, and in the end it worked out but unfortunately I didn’t get past Lewis. But I think we did the best we could and at least we scored important points, so we need to make everything 100 percent right at the next race.

Q: It looked like your car was much more competitive in the closing stint than the middle stint.

KR: Yeah, it wasn’t difficult to drive but it was just not fast enough. I think we know the reasons why we were not quick in this race, but unfortunately, as I said, we were in a position where we couldn’t do anything else. Hopefully we can turn the tables in the next race and fight for a win again.

11:00am-2:00pm: checking what’s new on the net…3:00pm: drove my husband to work…

3:20pm: go for a long walk on a beautiful sunny spring day with my daughter… 


3:30pm: I fell in love all over again with the Z1000… 


3:45pm: I saw another Z1000 and fell even deeper… 


4:00pm: I got to the harbor and saw the fishing boats and nets, reminded me of old

4:10pm: saw the beach and it’s ready for tourists… oh GOD a long summer is coming…

4:30pm: Stelios (from TO STELIOS WITH LOVE!!) calls and asks me if I’ll go to eat with him…

5:00pm: we eat and I end up feeding my cloths as usual with me!! 😀

5:30pm: an old friend from
Egypt passes in the restaurant and orders to eat… we had a nice talk!!!

2007-63.jpg  2007-57.jpg

6:30pm: I go to my mother-in-law’s and we make some Finnish doughnuts… (don’t ask me for the recipe)!!! 


7:30pm: we have coffee and enjoy the doughnuts… they were so GOOD!!! 😀

9:30pm: I get back home…

10:00pm: start working on my blog…

1:00am: I’m still here… 😉



  1. looks like you had a great time:)

    Comment by Qaiss — April 10, 2007 @ 10:09 pm |Reply

  2. Qaiss: Oh yes I did!! 😀

    Comment by noracassandra — April 11, 2007 @ 2:52 pm |Reply

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