April 2, 2007


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I’m writing this post to wish a good friend of mine a very happy birthday!  

HELEN, my good friend. I’m so happy I met you in the crazy school of R&Z!! If I haven’t; I think all my days there would have been boring with out a smile! I’m kind of sad that you finished your course and I don’t see you at school anymore. 

I have few points to explain why I think you are a great woman:

Ø     You are a wonderful woman full of life.

Ø     Know how to make every one smile.

Ø     You’re a good friend who listens and never judges.  

Ø     You’re a good mother to your sweet little man.  

Ø     You move so sexy on the dance floor that every one has to stop to check you out! 😉

Ø     You always know what to wear and when, so classy. 

Ø     Always know what to say to every one, just the right thing always!!

Ø     You know how to party right! 😀

Ø     And finally I love you girl! 🙂  

So my dear friend; have a great birthday with your love ones. And remember; you always have a friend right here… Just pick up your phone and dial my number when you need a that friend.


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