April 25, 2007



I’m enjoying my best friend Emmi!! We’re having so much fun! We’ll be going to the Trodos Mountains tomorrow for day time, and then we’ll be going for dinner in Limassol! We’re getting really excited!

I’m also happy because yesterday in the show SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? Lukia the red headed bimbo is going for the elimination round! And if the judges don’t like her she could be cut off!

And yes I wanted to correct myself when I said Lukas was a Break dancer! He is a hip hop and street dancer! But he might be the only one in the show that actually could break dance! I do hope I get to see him dancing with Yiota!

Oh yes! And I did have my first client in my new work place! She walked out with a big smile on her face!! I was really happy with my work! 😀


April 20, 2007


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The first cut was made in the show! 1 lady and 1 man went home!

The girl who was selected by the judges was Liza 17 years old! Great talent, but needs more experience! I do hope she would not give up because of a bump on her way!

The gentleman was selected was Kostas 32 years old, from
New York… He is a great ballet dancer! I loved the way he moved, but he had to get a good choreography
in 3 days as for other 2 guys whose necks were on line as well! His performance wasn’t as strong as the other two! But he is an incredible dancer!


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My daughter wanted me to put some of her pictures on my blog, so here I go:

 iida-2.jpg       iida-3.jpg     iida-4.jpg

iida-5.jpg        iida-6.jpg       iida-10.jpg


And now I address all the love ones that have been following my blog! I have to apologies for not being able to post that much, due to the school project that I have to get ready in the next one month! Also my best friend (my sweet maid of honor), Emmi darling is coming to visit for 10 days, and last but not least, I will be starting work on 1st of May!!!I’ll be posting all about the things happening soon…


April 18, 2007


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There are now in the show 10 ladies and 10 gentlemen… All competing for the final prize witch is €100000 and a scholarship to one of the best dancing schools in England.

I have my personal opinion on all of the dancers but I just want to mention my top 4 and lowest 4 of them all:

My top 4:

1. Maria Fotiathi: 18 years old Greek living in the USA She’s the best of all the ladies so far, she might not be the prettiest, or the slimmest, but is defiantly a talented dancer.

2. Yiota Karioti: Now this 19 years old girl also is living in the US! She’s also not the sexiest nor prettiest, but she is a great talent! I do find myself not able to stop watching the way she excellently moves on the stage!

3. The miracle boy Mitch: He’s only 15 years, and just could do it all! He is the sweet, polite boy in the show… No one can deny that he is the winner so far! He just moves as if he is made on elastic… I love this boy! I think he’ll be, no he is something so bigger than he thinks himself! Now he comes from a Greek family that lives in

4. Loukas Kosmithis: Now this guy is 21, and he is from
Cyprus! So every one here is waiting for him to get to the final 5! He is a great talent and seems like he was born with wings because he really could fly, but he has 1 weak point: he’s a break-dancer, and in this show you need to do it all!

My lowest 4:

1. Diego: The Brazilian sexy man! 22 in age… Now he can move, but not as a professional dancer… He uses his sexy erotic looks to get votes to stay in. He was told more that once this is a dance show not an erotic show! But he is selling well!

2. Petros Fourniwtis: Now this guy is good for Greek dancing! He gets the steps right, but there is no feeling! He danced Tango as if he was counting his steps, no emotions in his eyes! That makes a person a bad dancer, even if he gets every step right… He’s 34…

3. Lukia: The red headed bimbo as I call her! She is SEXY! But this is a talent show not, a beauty contest! She can’t follow the choreographer at all; she is as Diego selling sex on the stage to get through! OH! I’m sorry, no she doesn’t need to sell sex to get votes, her multi millionaire daddy, gets her the votes! Oh yes she’s 19…

4. Liza: Now this 17 year old girl I really like, but she’s not as talented as the rest of the girls in the show… She is a lovely girl that works so hard, I wish she could do better to get through at least for sometime longer! She also misses the camera attraction, she is cute, but for some reason you feel the camera doesn’t like her!

Now there are few more I want to talk about but maybe next time!


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Today I want to post updates on my last post : SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? THINK AGAIN!!

Last nights episode made me feel there is chance for the Greek version to be kind of honest! No…NO!!!! The half naked Brazilian is still in, and the rich red headed bimbo is in making people’s lives hell! But they did dance well last night as a couple, so they didn’t deserve to be put out for elimination!I’ll write about my favorite talents in that show in another post! But in this one I have to say few words about the judges! 1. Michalis Nalbantis (The gorgeous blue eyed)Art Director of the dance company CHOREFTES. He studied dance at Rallou Manou’s Professional School. He has collaborated as a teacher with “Chorokinisi”, “Roes”, the Southeastern College, R. Kouvari’s School of
Dance and the Isadora & Raymond Duncan Institution.
And of course the girls are in love with his famous blue eyes, and charming smile!
2. Evelina Papoulia:

Forced by her parents to attend dance lessons at the tender age of 7. Following her graduation, she moved to
New York in 1991, at the age of 20, where she studied in the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. She also participated in the Mega Dance Company. Evelina first claimed stardom as the hysterical blond TV persona Marina Kountouratou, in “Dyo xenoi” (1997).

Now she has the most beautiful red hair I would love to have!

3. Panos Metaxopoulos:

The closest to my heart! I have so much respect for this Dance teacher… I’ve seen him River dancing on TV show! He is amazing talent, honest judge and a great teacher! If I ever wish some one has been my dancing teacher it’s: Panos Metaxopoulos! I hope some day I could meet this great man!

So last night the judges stood strong and talk honestly! I loved it! Panos Metaxopoulos said in the very beginning of the show: This show is about dancing, do not vote for some one because they are good looking, wearing short dresses, or simply because they are sexy! Vote for the good dancers! For the talents you see! He even told the red headed bimbo, you can’t follow your choreographer and that is not makes you a weak dancer!

My deepest tanks for the judges, and Mega TV!!!

April 16, 2007


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Holidays are over! I didn’t get to go to school today; I had to visit doctors because of my neck problems! I ended up wearing my collar for the next 2-4 weeks as the doctor advised! No medicine because no medicines are killing the pain anymore! 

It was middle October 1998 Friday night… I was still living in Kuwait… My father was in one of his 3 months touring in China and Philippians… I was only 20 so men that only meant PARTY time for me…

I was with a friend S on a motorbike, Honda CBR 900 Red and white!! It was beautiful!!! By that time I really liked S and we were very close, but not boyfriend and girlfriend yet… We went to party and riding almost everyday! He was 24 then… I remember going to harass police men and showing them the finger then just riding off while they try to chase after us… I love speed,,,, I love cars,,,, but most of all nothing compare my feeling when I’m on a motorbike…

So back to the story! Middle Oct. midnights ride with my S and about 20 others of his friends! There were like 4 girls only, well it was in Kuwait and not many are crazy and careless enough to go out that time (I was just out of control)… We start riding, along the gulf road, we notice a friend of S that he hasn’t seen for a while… Both had CBR 900 and both wanted to show its pour! We were flying; we passed the 200 k/h!! I loved it! Suddenly I feel the back wheel was rising because of the hard braking! I just pushed my back bit to the back to balance the bike and lower the back wheel! I looked to the front and I see a 1983 Chevrolet Caprice Classic… Any way we slow down and his friend passes us… But the Egyptian driver opens for us and we say what the hell lets go! I had my head up till the wind was so hard so it was after passing 140 k/h at least… and we kept going just faster… Suddenly he pushes the brakes so hard I just looked to the front and saw that the stupid Chevrolet has just turned in front of us and we didn’t have more than 20 meters between us and he (we were one the left lain) and I knew we were going to hit! And so we did, over 160 k/h (S said we were about 200 k/h) as our speed and the metallic Chevrolet no chance of avoiding it what so ever… I was flying!!! And then rolling on the ground… I remember seeing the dark clear night sky with all its stars for a second, and then the ground for another second and so on for a little while… I had a helmet (a damn good one if I might say) and my eyes were open all the time… I was rushed with my S to the hospital, I had a cut in my right leg that was open and you could see the bone (the whole meat and skin was just pulled down)… My left foot had fractured toes… Skin was off in both of my arms and also from my lefts underarm pit… But I was out of the hospital next morning! Thank God S just lost the skin off both of his hand, but no broken bones, and he also had a good helmet on!! It was only the next day when I found out that the bike flew after us and fell only 1 meter away from me! I had a hell of a night, but I was on a bike after 1 week when I was better with my walking! And now I’m planning for a motorbike driving license and my own bike in the next 3 years! I’m glad that my husband (TO STELIOS WITH LOVE!!) supports me even if doesn’t really understand me… I LOVE HIM!!! 

When people ask me what would I change if I go back to that night?? I simply say, I’ll remember to take my sunglasses from the hospital, because I really loved them… But about the accident! I wouldn’t change a minute of it! I am who I am because of my experiences in my life… I don’t hate my scars. I only would like my headaches and neck aches to stop!

April 15, 2007

15/4/2007’S F1 RESULTS…

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1. Felipe Massa (Ferrari), 1h33m27.515s

2. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren Mercedes), 1h33m29.875s

3. Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari), 1h33m38.354s

Q: Felipe, what a fantastic day for you after Malaysia. A perfect afternoon for you?

Felipe Massa: Yeah, definitely. For sure now we have a good break, so it will be a good time to think about things and enjoy this nice result. The results in the first two races were not like I expected. I think something was missing, especially in the first race when we had a problem and then what happened in the second race, with mistakes and also something missing. This time we put everything together and I’m really pleased for the whole team. The job they made here, the strategy, the set-up, everything, I’m really pleased. But now we need to push even harder because McLaren is quite close.

Q: Let’s talk about the start – a lot of pressure, a lot of talk, what was it like from your point of view?

Massa: The best way is to make a good start straight after you’ve had all these problems in the media during the week – fortunately only for one week! Then to do a good race and to finish at the front. I’m sure now they are going to talk in a different way.

Q: You looked to be in control but Lewis started to come very close to you towards the end of the race. What was it like at that point?

Massa: In the first stint my car was not really well balanced and I was suffering from a lot of over steer. Lewis was quite close for the whole stint but then the second stint was fantastic for me. The car was behaving very, very well on scrubbed tyres and I took away a bit of front wing and it was really much easier to drive and I could build a nice gap. Then in the last stint I had hard tyres and I saw also that the gap was reasonable and I started to look after my car and maintain my pace and go through the traffic to the finish.

Q: Lewis, congratulations, let’s hear about that first lap first of all, it was very close?

Lewis Hamilton: Yeah, unfortunately I didn’t get as good a start as Felipe, he did very well down to the first corner. He managed to keep his place and I had to make sure I stayed as close behind as possible to maybe have a chance on the first lap, but I think we were fairly well matched. I tried to stay as close as possible until we came in to pit and I knew that he was going a lap more than me. I struggled a little bit in the second stint but Kimi was very strong at the end.

Q: Can you talk a little about that second stint. Why was that, you were still on the soft tyres at that point?

Hamilton: Yeah, I was still on the soft but the car was quite a bit different with the scrubbed tyres and I had quite a bit more under steer. I guess that was really where I was losing, the balance wasn’t very good and I was unable to brake as late and carry as much speed through certain corners and therefore I was losing a lot of time to Felipe. But then we got back onto the hard tyre and I was able to keep up the pace.

Q: It looked as if you saw quite a lot of Anthony Davidson’s oil as well towards the end?

Hamilton: Yeah, I don’t know if that was oil, or what, but it looked as if something was damaged on his car. But I think the marshals did a great job today and the stewards, getting the blue flags out. I think it was a lot better here than it has been in the past and so fair dos to them.

Q: You have made history today – three successive rookie podiums. Your thoughts on that?

Hamilton: Sweet! I’m happy with it. I think this weekend we have definitely closed the gap to Ferrari and to have another second in only my third race, I couldn’t ask for more. There’s only one more step for me and we’ll be pushing and making sure that in
Barcelona we’ll be just as quick.

Q: Kimi, stuck behind Fernando Alonso in the early stage of the race. How much did that define the day for you?

Kimi Räikkönen: I think it did. After that it was too difficult to come back and challenge at the front. I got past him but we needed to go a little bit shorter in the middle stint to make sure we got in front of him but then it was too short to challenge Lewis. I came very close at the second stop but it wasn’t enough. I think there was also a bit of a mistake by me also on the start button but we got third place and we know where we are losing time, so hopefully in the next test we can find something which is a bit better for me.

Q: You made a very aggressive start down the outside there but I guess from the second row it was always going to be difficult?

Räikkönen: Yeah but then I was also getting very close to Lewis and at the left-hander after the first corner I needed to back off because I got under steer and so Alonso got a very good run at me into the next corner. I was on the inside but he could brake later and took the place from me.

Q: When you were very close to Fernando you seemed to have a lot of moments running wide under braking. Was that just losing down force being so close to him?

Räikkönen: Yeah, it’s not easy to be very close to people and also the wind was making it even more difficult and so at places where it was hard even on your own it was even worse behind someone, but that’s normal. I think this year it’s even more difficult following people than previously.

Q: Felipe, a bit of a break now before the Spanish GP, three drivers tied for the lead of the world championship, you’re just behind them, you’ve come away with a win, it looks like an amazingly close season?

Massa: Yeah, for sure the season is really close and looking at how the championship is, it’s very exciting. Ferrari and McLaren are very close together and it’s a very important break for us to work really hard to try to improve our car a little bit more and to try to work on every detail because for sure the championship is important now but also right through to the end. It will be important not to lose any opportunity. But it is also a nice break to be thinking about a good result and not to have so many people talking badly about you. That’s also good!

April 14, 2007


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I was watching the F1 qualifications in Bahrain… It was great I wish I was there!!

Drivers: 1st Felipe Massa (Ferrari), 1m32.652s; 2nd Lewis Hamilton (McLaren Mercedes), 1m32.935s; 3rd Kimi Riäkkönen (Ferrari), 1m33.131s.

What pissed me off was that the TV here cut off the press conference, but well it went like this:

Q: Felipe, you’ve been in the spotlight since
Malaysia. I guess this must be a fantastic feeling for you to bounce back with your second consecutive pole?

Felipe Massa: For sure. We showed good speed last weekend, but things didn’t go so well in the race – especially for me, unfortunately. Hopefully we can show more tomorrow. It’s very good to be here again and scoring the 100th pole position for Bridgestone is definitely very nice for me. There’s nothing more to say, you know. I’m just happy to be here and I’ll do my best tomorrow because I really need a good result.


Q: Let’s talk about prospects for tomorrow’s race. There are lots of changeable conditions, with wind, sand and so on. Talk us through the race from your point of view.

FM: The car is competitive. Today we have shown we have a very quick car, even in qualifying when we know everybody has the same fuel. Yesterday we showed very strong pace on long runs, too. For sure the track is not very easy because it is always a little bit dirty, especially at the beginning of the race, but I think we have shown we have a competitive car. Hopefully, we can put things together.

Q: What have things been like for you, personally, since Malaysia, with the public spotlight shining on you after a difficult race?

FM: For sure I was disappointed, because I started at the front and knew that the car was good – even if the McLaren was very, very quick. They had strong pace in the race, but we were stronger than we showed and for me it was very disappointing to lose positions like that at the start, and to make some mistakes in the middle of the race… It was very disappointing and hopefully this time we can obtain a better result.


Q: Lewis, you’re on the front row for the first time in your very young Formula One career…

Lewis Hamilton: Yeah, we’ve had two extremely good races and we’re extremely competitive here, with things very close at the front. To go into my third F1 race and get a front row is an amazing feeling.


Q: We heard you on the radio, asking what the difference was between you and Felipe, and talking a little about Sector One. Talk us through that last quick lap of yours…

LH: To be honest it wasn’t that great – I definitely had better laps earlier in the session. It was tough. Qualifying is extremely intense and you need to pull out absolutely everything on that last lap. I think I lost a little bit of time in Turn One, but the rest of the lap seemed to go quite well. Turn 13 was little bit hectic and I think the wind here is always changing and coming across in different ways, so you always have a tail wind or a cross wind. It’s quite tough to put the car on the limit and anticipate what’s going to happen, but still I’m very happy to get second for the team and I’m looking forward to the race tomorrow.


Q: How do you feel about the race and the spotlight that you, too, have been under?

LH: I feel quite relaxed about it. It feels natural. I’m extremely happy to be where I am. I’ve worked for 13 years to be where I am and finally to be here, and to be performing quite well, I’m really happy with myself and I think the team has made some good steps forward. Going into tomorrow’s race, it will be tough. The first corner here is always tricky, because it’s so tight, but we’ll see what happens.


Q: Kimi, we’ll see tomorrow what fuel loads everybody is on, but it looked as though you had a bit of a moment with Giancarlo Fisichella early on in Q3.

Kimi Riäkkönen: Yeah, on my first try in third qualifying he was in front of me through Turn One, and then I had big traffic on my second run, so it wasn’t the best. But looking back I think it’s OK because I wasn’t certain I’d be in the top three. We’ll see how the race goes. We have a good race car but need to improve a little bit in qualifying. We’ll see what happens.


Q: You were quickest yesterday, when you too spoke about how difficult conditions are here in Bahrain.

KR: Yeah, yesterday was more difficult. Conditions today have been quite similar all day. It hasn’t been so bad but the wind here can always make a big difference. We know a little bit about the wind from testing, so I think we came here knowing what to do about race set-ups.


Q: You and Felipe both spent a bit of time behind the McLarens in Malaysia. How do you feel the battle will go tomorrow?

KR: I think it will be close, but it depends on a lot of things – including how things work out at the first corner.


Q: Felipe, how similar is this weekend to last weekend?

FM: I hope it’s different!


Q: But so far?

FM: The same, it’s good to be here on pole, especially after what happened the last weekend when I was quite disappointed with the result at the end of the race. So hopefully this time it’s a different outcome and I’m just thinking a lot about the race and bringing more points home. I’m quite happy with my performance in qualifying, not counting Australia when I had a problem with the car. I’m happy about getting everything out of the car; the set-up, how it’s working and also the race set-up. But up to now I haven’t been able to show 100% what I can do in the race. I’m just very happy to be here on pole again.


Q: To what extent have you run through what happened last Sunday and how you are going to cure it tomorrow?

FM: Well for sure last Sunday was not a very easy day for us. And McLaren showed incredible pace in the race. We didn’t show that but we were also blocked behind some other cars and our pace in Malaysia was better than we showed. Today and yesterday at least we were very competitive on old tyres also and I hope we can show much better pace tomorrow and have a much different race to Malaysia.


Q: And have you thought through going down into the first corner and how you can change that?

FM: Be more aggressive…


Q: Lewis, your first front row. You were very, very close to Kimi this morning, is the car absolutely perfect?

LH: The car is never perfect but we have definitely made some steps forward in the last race and coming here we seem to be stronger than we were in the test here and have closed the gap to Ferrari. The practice seemed to go well, we seemed to have the pace, I’ve been here before and am a bit more familiar with the circuit and actually feel a bit more comfortable. We did a great job and were extremely quick but Felipe was a little bit quicker. Still we can have a strong race tomorrow and it’s going to be interesting what happens in the first corner. We need to make sure we get around it, nice and clean.


Q: Just remind us what happened when you came here in Formula 3?

LH: I won!


Q: And from where on the grid?

LH: I think I was 23rd, but we had two races and I started 11th in the second race.


Q: And came right the way through the field… It shouldn’t be quite so difficult tomorrow?

LH: It is going to be difficult. That was a different circumstance. I came round on the first lap from 11th and I think I was fourth. I was a bit lucky on that lap but this is a completely different kettle of fish and I will have to make sure we get a good start and for sure try to lead into the first corner. Assuming we can do that we can then think about the tactical approach to the race.


Q: Kimi, fastest in yesterday’s two sessions and very quick this morning as well. Are you happy with third?

KR: Not really but it was the best I could do. I had traffic on both my new tyre runs.


Q: How much did the track evolve over the last couple of days?

KR: I think today has been okay but yesterday it was changing quite a lot. With the wind it was quite difficult but today was pretty much okay.


Q: Did you feel the lap was good or where did you lose out?

KR: I was a bit surprised actually not to lose more and it was close with Fernando. I am still in a good position for the race which is the main thing.

April 13, 2007


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I wrote this post because something I read in Baroque blog Eucalypt

Love is such a beautiful word! We all want to experience it! We all dream about it endless nights! But what do we really know about it?Did you know there was an addiction called LOVE ADDICTION? It’s told that it is a less serious illness than for example the sex addiction. But did you know that many suicides, murders, stalkings, rapes and other crimes of passion are related to the Love Addiction?The worst thing in my opinion is that we are overvalued to it in every culture! How many stories did you hear saying they fell in love and lived happily ever after? See Romeo and Juliet as an example – not a very happy ending, huh?

People often don’t realize the dangerous gravity of the situation. Love addiction is no amusing matter to the addicted person or their partner. A person who is excessively emotionally involved to another person possibly carried those habits over from past relationships. The conditions in such past relationships left the person feeling imperfect or mentally and/or physically abused. Romantic relationships are not the only type that causes such habits to build on; they can also stem from any of the following: lack of nurturing or attention during childhood, isolation or detachment from family, hidden pain, early abandonment, unrecognized early needs, fears of rejection, pain, and lack of love or hope.

A love addict has a fear of change. They will attach themselves to another person as to obtain that person’s identity for themselves. Having a very low self-esteem and lacking self-identity, the person chooses a mate or friend they would like to become. As I mentioned earlier crimes of passion, murder, suicides, and stalking, bloom out of these relationships. When a person tries to break up with a love addict, the situation becomes very intense and could result in stalking. The break-up adds to the addicts already overloaded emotional system. The love addict is not afraid to be as outlandish in actions as possible.

Love Addiction – The Characteristics

The following are some of the obvious traits of this addiction:

  • Is unable to trust in relationships
  • Has an inner rage over lack of nurturing in childhood

  • Battles with depression

  • Tolerates high-risk behavior

  • Has other addictive or compulsive behaviors

  • Questions values and life all the time

  • Has a frantic personality

  • Denies problems

  • Confuses wants as needs

  • Replaces ended relationships immediately

  • Jumps from one relationship to another

  • Always needs to love, can’t stay single for long period of time

  • As with any addictive behavior, a person who is addicted to love can have hope that they will recover. But how can this recovery occur? What hope can a person rely on that will see them through their love addiction?

    1. Have to Want It – Just as with any addiction, you first have to want to be free from your controlling substance or behavior. Recovery will require patience and fortitude that you may not have on your own. Thankfully, there are professional counselors and programs available to you that can lend you their strength when you feel as through you have none. With their help, recovery is more than possible.

    2. Get the Help – Love addiction recovery is just what it says: recovering from an addiction. In other words, it’s serious business. It requires the addict to adhere to certain guidelines in order to break free of destructive behavior. Again, counselors can walk you through this process step by step and be there for you as a tower of strength and support.

    So do you look at love the same way now?


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Kimi Räikkönen’s quiet confidence on track and party-friendly reputation away from the paddock makes for an interesting combination. We caught up with the Finn to find out a little more… 

Q: What’s in your garage at home?
I have all kinds of things with motors like bikes and cars… basically anything that is quick.

Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you?
I’ve got two dogs, Ajax and Pepe.

Q: Your favourite song for karaoke?
I’m not the best singer in the world, but I do like a couple of Finnish singers and bands.

Q: What’s the most unusual request you’ve had from a fan?
There have been so many weird requests that it would be better if we don’t print them.

Q: Funniest thing you’ve read about yourself in the press?
There have been many. Especially things where they say I was somewhere, doing something when in reality I was at the other side of the world.

Q: When you’re at home, what do you listen to when driving?
Mainly today’s hits and Finnish music.

Q: Best part of being a Formula One driver – apart from the driving?
The competition.

Q: Your most prized possession?
My wife and my Ferrari Enzo.

Q: What would you be if you weren’t a racing driver?
I would probably be a professional in hockey or some other sport.

Q: Person you most admire?
My parents.

Q: Last good deed you did?
Charity things in Finland.

Q: Who would you want to play you in a movie?
Somebody who stars in action films.

Q: Do you have any bad habits?
Biting my nails.

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