March 31, 2007


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What a start for a 2 weeks holiday… I woke up at 8 am, made for my daughter (Iida) something to eat, and got my coffee and sat down to continue working on my 70-90pages project. And as I start writing, my PC turns off 3 times for no reason at all. I have just got it back from the guy that does the fixing and checking of my PC! I got so mad and thought of just looking out maybe the bright sunny day will cheer me up, but of course with my luck, it’s dusty outside, no sun, and no rain to bring the dust down. I was so angry and upset by then.

It was 9:30 am when I went and woke up my husband. Asked him if he want to come with me to get my friend’s birthday card and Iida’s friends’ birthday gifts? Any way he needed to go with my brother-in-law to get few stuff for the restaurant close to the place I was planning to go to get the stuff I wanted.

We left at 10 something and went straight to me brother-in-law’s that I haven’t seen for few months… I did miss him, he is such a sweet heart (a strange kind of a sweet heart) but still he is a good brother and a wonderful friend! As soon I saw him I started bothering him as usual, asking him questions that made him so out of his mind and just want to turn and hit me in the car. 😀

We did our shopping and were done by 11:30am. We drove my Brother-in-law home and I promised to go and see him at work tonight and I saw the agony in his face and I just smiled!

So after that we went to Pizza Hut and had a lunch, small salad for me, big salad for my husband, chicken wings, chicken dippers and a children meal (small pizza)… The food wasn’t bad but nothing special… But what made me so upset is the bill £18 (CYP) that’s about $41.30 (1 CYP = 0.66 KWD)!!! I think that is crazy for such a small meal!

Well now I’m at home planning to continue work on my project that talks about hairdressing’s history. And hoping to find something to wear for tonight in my full closet that has nothing to wear in it! I hope the rest of the day goes a bit smoother and I’ll in the mood for party tonight.


March 30, 2007


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The Easter holidays starts tomorrow, and it’ll go on for 2 weeks!

Well we will be starting with some exciting stuff: Tomorrow I’ll be going to my good friend’s birthday party, and then probably ending up partying all night till we are totally wasted and can’t stand! Just a fun good night out, I hope!

Sunday my daughter will be going to her friend’s birthday party at 3pm (so I’ll have time to recover from my hangover from the night before!), who’s also half Finn and half Cypriot just like her.

I don’t have to go to school for 2 weeks, so that is not so bad if I don’t loose my mind at home! It’s beautiful outside, so I might, no for sure I’ll be going to get some sun and color on my skin after the winter that took off all my color! I hate the way I look so pale!

My daughter is off school too but still don’t know if we’ll be having more than the beach in our holiday schedule!

I’ll be posting about the Easter, how the days and parties go, and maybe post some pictures too now that I have some time!

March 29, 2007


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I was watching the E!Entertainment news today with my hubby. For a shocking view that made us both upset! So here is the story; Comedian Eddie Griffin crashed a Ferrari! But the big deal was that it wasn’t any Ferrari! It was a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo! Only 400 Ferrari Enzos were ever produced, all between 2002 and 2004.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! I was almost crying for the Enzo! This is what happened:

· The 38-year-old actor-comedian was taking part in a promotional charity race at the Irwindale Speedway.

· He drove too fast around a curve.

· Video footage shows the Enzo screeching before it ricocheted off the barrier with heavy damage to its front.

· Griffin walked away completely unscratched, but probably a little shaken! Shaken? Is that all? I really have to say this I love your acting, but that was just simply put… BAD DRIVING!!

The Enzo is owned by “Redline” executive producer Daniel Sadek. He commented: “I’m glad Eddie came out of the crash OK, but my dream car got destroyed, I went to my trailer for about 15 minutes and I thought, there are people dying every day. A lot of worse things are happening in the world.” ISN’T THAT SWEET OF HIM? Because I would have broken the man’s legs and arms to make sure he’ll never drive again, not caring who the man is!


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I’m so competitive! I can’t believe how competitive I could get. I was driving with my old Honda Civic on a high way, in the speed limit and listening to music. I love doing that; it’s just a great feeling of freedom I get when driving. So an X5 passes me and gives me the stupid look: ARE YOU AFRAID TO BREAK THE EGGS DRIVING SO SLOW!! That kind of look! And I was driving like 110-120 k\h!

I got so mad and had to show him how I can drive with my Honda and him in his BMW! By the way, I won till my turn came and he couldn’t believe a woman can drive like that. But my competitive nature doesn’t just show in driving. I put myself to high school twice just to prove my dad wrong and show to my self I can get 100% in math and science, because I studied English major in high school when he wanted me to study math. I did it, I got full marks, but I think Math is so boring! I just don’t know how I got to be like this. Why am I competing? Who am I trying to empress? I 28 almost 29, why don’t I just pull back and accept 90% and not try to kill myself for a 100%?

It’s not always bad to want perfection, but I think I should start learning to be ok with the 90% sometimes!

March 28, 2007


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I think I heard one too many of wife jokes! Here are few I could remember! They still make me laugh even if I am a woman and wife! 😀

Ø My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.

Ø A good wife always forgives her husband when she's wrong.

Ø I haven't spoken to my wife in 18 months - I don't like to interrupt her.

Ø A man said his credit card was stolen but he decided not to report it since the thief was spending much less than his wife did.

Ø Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished.

Ø A little boy asked his father, "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?" The father replied, "I don't know son, I'm still paying."

Ø Young Son: Is it true, Dad, that in some parts of
Africa a Man doesn't know his wife until he marries her? Dad: That happens in every country, son.

Ø Then there was a man who said, "I never knew what real happiness was until I got married; then it was too late.

Ø A man placed an ad in the classifieds: "Wife wanted." The next day he received a hundred letters. They all said the same: "You can have mine."

Ø A man placed an ad in the classifieds: "Wife wanted." The next day he received a hundred letters. They all said the same: "You can have mine."

Ø Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

Ø It's not true that married men live longer than single men. It only seems longer.

Ø A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

Ø The most effective way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once.


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My daughter is 7 years old. She’s been the perfect girl till some months ago, for some reason she’s been trying to act out. She’s been trying to answer back rudely to her father. Lies to her teacher and not doing her school works.

I’ve been so stressed with this. She was the second best in her class till Christmas time. She was going to ballet classes, and Finnish lessons.

We decided to stop her from her ballet, and Finnish school thinking she might get better at school. That didn’t work! So we now ground her 7 days for every time she’s being bad at school or does something deserves to be punished for. It seems that it’s working, but slowly.

I’ll be posting about how it’s going and if it’s working. The thing is I know it’s the few new friends she made at her new school. And she’s saying she’s not playing with them anymore, but I’ll just have to wait and see.

March 27, 2007


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cassandra1.jpg The story of the heroine Cassandra is a favorite in Greek mythology. Cassandra makes an appearance in many plays and poems, where often she is depicted in her most memorable role – that of prophetess. So let me explore this compelling Greek heroine, and learn about Cassandra in myth and legend.

Cassandra is mentioned briefly in the Iliad of Homer (which, incidentally, is one of our oldest and most respected sources for information about the characters of Greek myth). Indeed, in the Iliad, we learn that Cassandra was the child of King Priam of Troy and his wife Hecuba, and therefore was a princess of Troy. She was considered to be Priam’s most beautiful daughter. However, no mention of Cassandra’s notorious prophetic power is made in this Homeric epic. We first we find Cassandra had spent a night at Apollo’s temple with her twin brother Helenus, at which time the temple snakes licked her ears clean so that she was able to hear the future. The tale of Cassandra and her legendary gifts in other works of ancient Greek literature.

Once Cassandra had grown up, she again spent the night in Apollo’s temple. According to one version of the story, Cassandra received the power to foretell the future from the god Apollo. Apparently Apollo loved Cassandra; he instructed the mortal woman and taught her about the art of prophecy because he had an ulterior motive – the god wished to win her affections. Cassandra accepted Apollo as a teacher, but not as a lover. Some say she made a promise to Apollo to become his consort, but broke it, thus incurring his wrath. Naturally; the god was insulted by this refusal. So he punished Cassandra. Apollo caused the gift that he gave Cassandra to be twisted, making everyone who heard her true and accurate foretelling of future events believe that they were instead hearing lies. In other words, the wondrous blessing bestowed upon a mortal became instead a terrible curse.

Telephus, the son of Heracles, also loved Cassandra but she scorned him and instead helped him seduce her sister Laodice.

And indeed, the burden of Cassandra’s “gift” is evident in mythology. She predicted the outcome of many disastrous events. In one memorable example, Cassandra announced the dire consequences of the Trojans accepting the infamous Wooden Horse from their Greek opponents. Her family believes she is mad, and, according to some versions, keep her locked up because of this. In versions where she is incarcerated, this is typically portrayed as driving her truly insane, although in versions where she is not incarcerated; she is typically portrayed as remaining simply misunderstood.

Coroebus and Othronus came to the aid of
Troy out of love for Cassandra. Cassandra was also the first to see the body of her brother
Hector being brought back to the city.

Death of Cassandra comes after she flees to the altar of Athena for protection during the fall of Troy, but to no avail. Ajax 2 (the Lesser) pulls her from the sanctuary and rapes her. It is told that she was clinging to a wooden image of the goddess, which was knocked over from its stand, as
Ajax 2 dragged her away. Some have asserted (but others find this account too bold).

Cassandra is then taken as a concubine by King Agamemnon of Mycenae. Unbeknownst to Agamemnon, while he was away at war, his wife, Clytemnestra, had begun an affair with Aegisthus. Upon Agamemnon and Cassandra’s arrival in
Mycenae, Clytemnestra asks her husband to walk across a purple carpet, the color purple symbolizing the gods. He initially refuses, but gives in and enters; but by walking on this purple carpet he is committing sacrilege, ignoring Cassandra’s warnings. Clytemnestra and Aegisthus then murder both Agamemnon and Cassandra. Some sources mention that Cassandra and Agamemnon have twin boys Teledamus and Pelops, both of whom are illed by Aegisthus…


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My husband and I are planning for another child! (We have a 7 years old daughter).  The exciting part for me is after having the child (that is not on the way yet), I’ll be going to get my motorbike driving license!! I’ve been waiting and dreaming of this for such a long time. When living in
Kuwait it was considered as a very bad thing for me to want to ride! 3EEB (Shameful)!! That what they said!

I’m 28 years now and hopefully by 29 something I’ll be riding!!

My choices are open but the bike that has stolen my heart is Kawasaki Z1000! I just love the way that bike has this muscular appearance!! Also the Z1000 engine has been tuned to satisfy the most demanding big-bore power riders, with torque boosted across the rev range, particularly in the low- to mid-range to provide loads of muscle when and where it’s most needed out there on the street. Even from cruising speeds a twist of the throttle really delivers the goods, and the engine will keep on pulling hard right through the rev range as the world around you seems to switch to fast forward. My husband told me he’ll buy for us (me and him) a used bike to make our tests on and ride till we are ready for new ones. So my sweet baby to be, Z1000 (or another) won’t be under me till 2009 for sure! But I’m still so excited! 🙂

March 26, 2007

World’s Most Expensive Chocolate!!!!

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I was just reading zDistrict about Chocolate, and got me thinking what it is about the chocolates???

What make people addicted to them and how do everyone remember what they like and what’s the color of the package they want? And if you have noticed every one thinks he/she has found the best chocolate in the world!

I was watching the discovery channel few days ago with my husband about this subject. We ended up thinking about it for a long time. And this is why:

So how much are you ready to pay for chocolate when you know it’s the best chocolate in the world? $2,600 a pound!!! That’s how much the best most expensive chocolate is. So to have only one piece you might be paying between $150-$200!! The chocolates are only available by pre-order.

So do you still think you know how the best chocolate in the world taste??


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Welcome everyone to my blog!

Nora-Cassandra! That’s my birth given name.

Where did my name come from? I’m half Finnish and half Kuwaiti, so the name my parents chose for me had to be the right name that worked in both countries.

Nora is a name comes from Noora, which means Honor and Respect in the Finnish language, and also from the name Noor that means to illuminate in Arabic. But I found that The girl’s name Nora \n(o)-ra\ is pronounced NOR-ah. It is of English origin. And it’s short for the Greek name Eleanora that means light! And it’s also used as a feminine form of Norman.

Well that was the boring part of my name. The second part is the interesting part!

Cassandra is a Greek name. Cassandra was a Trojan princess blessed with the gift of prophecy. She foretold the fall of Troy but was unheeded. The name was occasionally used from the Middle Ages until the 18th century. But the name Cassandra means SHE WHO ENTAGLES MEN! I asked my mum why they gave me the name Cassandra even though we don’t have any Greek back round. She said it was just a beautiful name!

I think there is no one else in this world that carries my special name. Nora-Cassandra!

I hope you’ll like some of what I’ll be posting about. Enjoy!

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