August 18, 2014


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i love my unborn

My doctors said it was not possible for me to conceive as I am suffering from ovulation problems. I had to go through a lot of medication, therapy and observation. So I told my sweet husband Ali Dadi that when we started dating. I was honest and told him I am not ready and will not go through doctors pumping me up with medicines! I told him there is huge chance we will not have any children.

His answer was: If it’s not meant for us to have a child I have you and we have Iida… That is enough for me!

And he really meant it!! 🙂


It gave me comfort and made me get on with my life with him not worrying that he will ever ask from me to go through any medical frustration with medicine and doctors! And so almost 4 years passed… He never asked me to visit doctors unless I got really sick… and a day came when I was not well… I was bleeding not normally, gaining weight without eating, and I was over depressed. It was time to see a doctor… I went to American mission hospital where the General doctor directed me to OBS & GYN department to see Dr. Alka Gupta who was on duty and free that time.


I sat next to her desk while Ali waiting very worried out side. She asked very few short questions.

And suddenly she said: well nothing to worry about!!! You are pregnant. 🙂

I said: It’s not possible Doctors, not one or two but three told me I cannot get pregnant without medical assistance…

She smiled so friendly and said: Well Bahrain has it’s own magic. Lay down and I’ll prove it to you!

I was bleeding so did not believe a word she said until I saw a pea sized little thing…

Dr. said with amazing care: That is your baby.

I started crying not sure why when she looked into my eyes and asked: Do you love your husband?

I said: So much!

She said: then you have the answer to this…


Baby was conceived on our anniversary… On F1 Grand Prix Race day… Looking at the photos of that day reminds me of how happy and in love I am with Ali and with our life together! Baby was conceived with love… The baby is the fruit of Love.


I haven’t felt this way over 15 years ago!!!


I felt I love a person that is not in this world yet… Talk to my tummy… Keep touching my tummy and smiling… I remember I felt this way 15 years back and never thought I will feel it again. And this time I have someone who really shares this experience with.


I have Ali and Iida… I am so happy and in love with all 3…


Can’t wait for my Christmas gift this year!!! My Christmas baby and my sweet husband and daughter next to me what Santa bringing us this year!!


July 6, 2014

The worst ever commercial Kuwait ever allowed to air Ramadan 2014!!!

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Ramadan is in the Muslim world. In the gulf and Middle East means 100s of new TV series’ and TV commercials.

That is yearly used to… many cheesy commercials. But this year one specific commercial got me very upset and couldn’t believe my ears and eyes when I saw it first time… I had to watch over and over to be sure that Bayan Dental from Kuwait really made such a commercial…

Here is the link and I’ll try to translate the meaning of the commercial to you.

The commercial about 4 sisters and one brother who is the youngest. When they wake up the girls head to wash up and brush their teeth,,, while the brother is chowing gum and refusing to brush his teeth… Then the sisters move to get their hair done and changing their clothes,,, while the brother is eating a chocolate bar… Then the sisters are having their breakfast with healthy orange juice,,, while the brother is drinking a sugary soft drink… All this happening while the mother singing complaining about him…

The whole family head for a photo shoot and the father says “Leave the boy… When he grows like me we will change his teeth…”

What kind of a message this is??? It’s ok for the kids to damage their teeth to fix fake teeth when they grow up??? Where is the real dental advice in this commercial??? How did even the country allow for such a commercial to put in their TV channels as it is showing in many channels!!!

People wonder why many more people are healthier out in Europe (specially northern Europe)… Well for one reason… They have mothers, schools and media teach our children how to keep healthy for a longer time… My grandmother in Finland is close to her 90s and she is going for walks, doing sports, lives by herself, has all her natural real teeth and still has the energy to go out with her friends for dinner or concerts out.

There should be in the gulf and Middle East more restrictions on all media commercials specially when it comes to involve children!!

This was definitely the worst ever commercial Kuwait ever allowed to air Ramadan 2014!!!

February 14, 2014




So I have been in this business for some years now…


My uncle is a chef who wrote few famous cooking books back in Finland… I and my family are into food for years as I found it comes all the ways from our great-grandfather who was an Italian Chef that worked for an aristocratic Russian Family LONG time ago…


My daughter is 14 and her cooking is unbelievable… My mum, Aunts, Cousins and of my sweet grandmother has always been over creative in food making…


I was married to a very talented Chef for 6 years which also helps to develop my taste and love for kitchens…


My daughter at age of 3 when was asked where would she like to eat and that she had the choice to ask any restaurant she wanted, she asked for the nice restaurant that served those nice Snails and Spicy stake… I knew she got her special love for flavors from her mother!!


Time passes and I am still in this field more and more into pastry and cakes these days. It is beautiful! Full of Art and Flavors. It is even giving me the urge to study cooking, but not to work in the kitchen but I just have the urge to know even more!!!


I met few famous Chefs through my working years… I have to say my favorite is the Australian Chef Greg Malouf Who I read his article many years back even before meeting… A Good Cook knows by smell if his/her food missing something. That saying was told to me by my ex-husband who himself was reason for me to follow Greg Malouf… I remember I was so stressed… Sweaty… Nervous to meet him in my work place few years back…  


Yesterday I met another famous (show man) Chef Buddy Valastro From Cake Boss… Ok not my favorite man and not sure I can really call him a Chef… But he is talented in making HUGE cakes… His show on TV is more family oriented show like American Chopper and Hogan Knows Best… But still my husband, my daughter and myself we do like watching it if it’s on TV…


I realized one thing though… As Chef Greg Malouf came in to our premises he was accompanied with professional humble nice people… They were giving him even better image than already been built-in my head… While Chef Buddy Valastro came with BAGS OF **** who are full of themselves and so disrespectful. As a result they affected his image in my mind from being a talented young man (one year older than myself) who is funny and pleasant to see and changed him to show-off arrogant, full of himself of an image…


I still shock his hand and gave him my card and told him it was a pleasure to have met him… But it wasn’t even close to the pleasure of meeting Greg Malouf…


All I’m trying to say… Choose the people who you are with they can lift your image from ZERO to Million or Drop it down from a Million to ZERO!!!I advise you to choose to be seen with for socializing!

Hyvää Ystävänpäivää !!!

October 17, 2013


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Marron Glace

I don’t remember when was the last time when I was raised up to heaven and brought back down to earth with a bite…


The new Coffee Sweet in Lilou Artisan Patisserie… Marron Glacé Covered with heavenly chocolate all placed on a crunchy light biscuit base. A bite so sweet still so balanced. My advice when you take a bite you close your eyes and allow your senses travel free.


BD35 for the kilo?? No problem, a heavenly bite like that is sold 40-60 euros back in Finland by the dozen if not 5 euros per piece which means this is less than ½ price deal if not ¼!!


I’m hoping to take some for my mum when I visit in Christmas this year… I know she will love it!


A bite made in heaven by Lilou Artisan Patisserie in Bahrain… That is MUST try. 

September 7, 2013


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Love is the answer

I was asked while ago how did I become who I am from someone at work. Why I love everyone even if someone hurts me I’ll still show love.


I think I changed a lot… It’s true. I can see it and feel it. I have forgiven people I thought I would never forgive. I have wished them well from bottom of my heart. Health and love is my biggest wish for everyone.


Was a day when someone speaks of me with lies and tries to get me in trouble meant revenge to me that I would plan slowly but painfully… I used to think the more I made them suffer the happier I would get…


Took me years but now I can say that was so wrong… When I planned the revenge it hurt me even more because that meant I had to think of the pain they caused me for long time, which caused even more pain…


When I noticed I changed my ways was a year or so back… Why would a beautiful woman, successful in higher position than I am and better financial situation talk about me lies trying to have some people fight with me… Yes I got angry for some hours, maybe a day… Slept on it. Woke up next morning calm… I started looking at the problem and reason from outside the situation. A beautiful woman used getting all eyes all attention all the compliments to her way, suddenly someone with more weight, always known with no make up, lower educational level and someone people never have to interact with much to now her way of thinking.


Suddenly I was there, had better answers to questions were asked, I had sexy still elegant dress on that made my extra kilos look like amazing beautiful curves, my makeup was low but enough to give a sine to my skin. All men around gave me compliments instead of her; every now and then loudly someone compliments how amazed they are of my answer… She was in a shock. She was angry… She was me 10 years back living in pain inside looking for revenge… So she said what she said…


Month later was sorry for what she did as I never even let her know that her painful words have reached me. I forgave her in less that 2 days after hearing what she said. People might see her as not very nice person, envious or even evil… But what I think she is ok and lovely person most of the time but maybe just hurt because of the community she grew in. Now when she talk to me she is even nicer than before unfortunate incident that happened.


Forgive… I can’t forget though, I wish I could forget it would help be even better!!


I Love myself. I love people around me as a result.


Also I was lucky to love a man who loves me back even more…


I guess I am better because of LOVE… LOVE is the answer!!!   

July 19, 2013


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Once upon a time. My mum said to me if you love someone so much you have to be ready to allow to set him/her free… This comes I guess because she knew me and my sister after growing up will move out and have a life of our own.

I have been once again in a situation where I loved someone so much. He was a true smile to us as work. He was amazing person that I enjoyed the way he always to advice, critic and orders with such a good spirit. Same time he was not afraid of me simply because I was his direct manager, instead he actually came to give me ideas and advice if he thought things might be better way he saw them. I appreciated that a lot!

My dear Antone is love as the other guys and girls I have around, but when he came to tell me he was leaving I knew it won’t be easy. He will be missed and big support to our group will be hurt at least for missing him. I asked if it was money and I believe him when he said no. I asked if it was position and I believed him when he said no. When he said Madam I love you but I feel it’s time for me to move on to something new and different I believed him.

Antone is dearly missed, and truly loved. We had to let him go! And from the bottom of my heart I wish him all success and happiness!

Antone, you were not just staff… You were a friend and family member! You will always be loved and remembered!

Ps; Thank you for the coffee!!


June 30, 2013


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I come to work every day, put my hand on a steward’s shoulder and look at his eyes and ask him how is he today… Sadly I’m bad with names so I did not remember his name, but the smile I gave him, my gentle tap on his shoulder and question about how he was were so true that made him smile and eyes lid. He carried on his work.


I went to the kitchen and saw one of the ladies so busy deep in her cake make with a slight frown on her face (this one I remembered her name) so by name spoke to her told her good morning a passed my hand on the arm to make sure she lifted her eyes up and looked at me and suddenly smile was placed her face returning to work instead of the slight frown…


I walk deeper to the kitchen to see the chef with tired look and a loud AHHH coming out of him before I hug him with a smile and tell him good morning chef… Smile!!! It’s a good day. Suddenly he was smiling and seemed ready for work!


Human touch… A true friendly smile. Very sincere how are you today makes work family and loving atmosphere…


When you are someone like me or someone who works with me a person who leaves his family and social life behind to work 10-12 hours daily you need to make your work more of a family. More of a comfort zone where you can talk, smile joke and hug… Have a family love running around between everyone to make people work and stay for love, not simply work for salary.


Unfortunately my believes do not work in this country. I was told I was unprofessional and never to exceed a hand shake with anyone working. I can do that! But that will change from my work family to work colleague… That will change for me caring about a stranger I do not remember his name simply because he is just someone who works under the same roof, but has nothing to do with me… I will always care as human being, but I will want to run back home to me FAMILY now… Do not expect me to want to stay 1 hour or even 30min extra with someone I can’t call family!!


I will miss my brothers that I made at work who now are changed with in one day into work colleagues… I will miss joking and making the day easier for my staff and work collogues… But always look up at the bright side… Now there is a clear line drawn between WORK and FAMILY!!! And when you will ask me who do you want to spend more time with, which do you care of more… It will be FAMILY not WORK!!!

April 26, 2013


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dreams come true

“Who said F1 is all about Metal, Oils, Amazing Cars and Fights For Podium??” Said Fabrizio “It’s also about Romance and love!”  He gave me a big hug and congratulated me!!

He said that to me after Jo Bauer has just congratulated me in person.

21. April. 2013… Was the most perfect day in my last many years…

I was a Scrutineer For GP2 and observer and trainee for F1 Scrutineer which allowed me to get on the grid for the first time in my life while F1. I was in cloud 9 as they say… I was doing my job, but still overwhelmed and excited of my dream coming true and being there where the race will start in 15 minutes…

God I was not ready to find my love Ali Dadi pulling me for the 3rd time to Kimi Räikkönen’s car and stands in front of it. I was standing literally 75 cm from the Kimi Räikkönen’s car, while Kimi was behind me getting ready putting on his gear. When  Ali Dadi held my hands  “This is how it all started, this is what brought us together.” He Said… Then went down on one knee. “I love you and would love to spend the rest of my life with you!! Would you marry me?”

I was in shock. Totally blown away. Not sure how to feel. Excitement, Love, and Overwhelming feelings I didn’t know even existed in me! Tears falling out of my eyes… Couldn’t stop them… I SAID YES!!!

How can I say no if Charlie Whiting approved of my engagement before I did myself… Well I would have said yes even if no one else approved… But Charlie Whiting and Shaikh Salman Bin Isa helped in my approval even more!!! 🙂

I would love to thank all friends, family, BIC staff, marshals  and the whole FIA officials and personal that made my dreams come true on F1 Grid… In front of Kimi Räikkönen’s car…

I am no longer in cloud 9 I’m flying in cloud 12 very happy… I am not just getting married to the most amazing man in the world, but also spending my life around Metal, Oils, Amazing Cars and Fights For Podium, BUT ALSO Romance and love!!!

April 1, 2013


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I was talking about love to a friend of mine.


After reading Brida by Paulo Coelho as I advised him 2 years ago, he seemed to be wondering about soul-mates. So he asked me of what I thought of it…

In my life, after Brida and few other books… I did get to a conclusion we have many soul mates. Some are meant to help you through few months, some for years and some for life time. And some to help you just for few days. Doesn’t mean they are not meant for you or they are not your soul-mate, it only means they were there for a reason in your life building and your life path.

Ali I love a lot. And yes I feel he is the one. He makes me smile. He knows to handle my difficult days and moments… and believe me I am SO DIFFICULT… When no one else in the world that I have met was able to do so.

He is 5.5 years younger than me, but I do not feel that. And to be honest I felt this way (or thought I did) towards someone else before who was some years older than me which my feelings lasted few months, and a man who was my age which my feelings lasted for around a year… So those two men came in different times where I was in need for them, to show me the path, to show me lessons and maybe to teach me about my own self! So their time passed. Doesn’t mean I stopped loving them but my love for them changed, they were not my soul-mate anymore.

Do I miss anyone from the past? Yeh sometimes I would miss something or someone, but would I leave Ali for that if I get the chance to have it back? My answer is still NO…

Every now and then someone passes, maybe reminds me of something I miss. Or gets me excited in a way or another… I take step back and think… This person is he worth loosing Ali for? The excitement he offers is it worth leaving my life and love for Ali… Answer still today comes to my head and it’s NO…

So maybe Ali is the final path in my relationship life for me… my lasting soul-mate… But do I believe beyond reasonable doubt that this will last forever??? NO… There is always a chance his time ends and I have some other soul mate to go another path with. Or he would have another soul-mate to another path with.

I’ll give you an example… My mum is married 3 times and divorced 3 times… Her sister (my Aunt) has been with her husband for 41 years… I asked my mum about my aunt’s secret and everyone else’s who lasts so long with one person as now I see my Ali’s parents. She told me that there is no such thing as easy path and unconditional love. There has been for sure someone younger, cuter, lovable, exciting or promising that has passed through both of their lives and paths… And if not someone passing through their lives it would be the difficulties that must have faced them through the way… She did not mean someone cheated nor had sex with someone else… But that they had to stop… they had to make the hard decision… Do I choose my long life partner, or this another life that looks more fun?? They chose… They had to choose one way!! They are still together shows what way they chose!!! Some people can’t continue together for some reasons, some people choose easy way out but that is their right to choose, we cannot force someone to live a life they did not choose!!

I am not good hiding my past so everyone knows who I am… I am loud, clumsy, a mess, and really difficult with my unbelievable mood swings… Ali loves me the way I am… He thinks my bad side is worth handling because my good side is worth keeping… And I think the same about him.

I think soul-mates… are partners that make you feel good for being WHO YOU ARE… Same time you love them for WHO THEY ARE…


I truly hope he is my for everlasting soul-mate!!



March 22, 2013


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Been working for quite enough time in a place where I meet the high society of the country. Really a great experience, I like it and I think it’s very interesting to get to know so many different families from different origins, flavors, tastes and styles they go for.


That is all great… But then.


I meet the high society tails. Or people how hang around them trying to be them. Then coming want to live like them but don’t want to pay like them.


I see women who buy a purse for good € 1000 and then go to show it off in front of people who can’t afford € 20 purse. A woman ordering a dinner for € 500 and want to match it with a €1500 which her friend got just few weeks before her… After bargaining for hours she would agree on the € 500 with cheaper and less items.


The thing is. Not just at work, BIC, Friends, Family… Everywhere around here I see people as such.


You don’t have the money why try to pretend to be one of the ones who has? Why do you want to order cake that someone from the rich people ordered but you get angry when asked from you to pay as much as they paid? A wedding cake that coast someone else € 3000 will cost you € 3000 as well… You will not get it cheaper because your family name is not as wealthy as the one before you!


Why do you try to hurt people who can’t afford what you can?


I can’t afford many things… And well I think it’s stupidity pay € 1000 on a purse… But. I still can sit with my head high with high society and with all my respect with the more unfortunate in wealth part of society. I will be comfortable in an Opera or a ballet in an opera house, just as I will feel comfortable in a Whitesnake, an Iron Maiden’s concerts or even in Circus Mundus Absurdus’ show in a hockey arena…


I can be myself with an Orthodox priest in church, with a Jewish family on a dinner table, with religious Muslim man in his house… I can be myself with old, young, men and women. Maybe that’s why today I can say I am not some wanna be… I am not a tail to anyone… and for sure I Love me the way I am… I do not need to buy a € 1000 purse to belong or for someone to respect me.


So why do you need a €1000 purse and pretend to be rich when you don’t dare to live as the rich people you pretend to belong to do?


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